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Terminator - Cameron

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2x09 - Complications - Review

Posted on 2008.11.18 at 19:16
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Ooh! Intrigue! It seems Agent Ellis has grown something of a backbone and also a stupidbone. I still don't know what that weird-ass Terminator that employs him is up to, but one thing is for sure. It's not for good. Actually it might be for good. There's something weird about her and you never know, she might have gone rogue. Or something at any rate.

Sarah starts having strange dreams (the first involving mechanical cacti (a concept which I can get behind 100%)) and well it isn't really made clear why she's having them. Apparently it's something to do with the spacing of three dots of blood on the wall in their basement. Don't ask me. I've no idea at this point. I thought she was just having a bit of a weird dream. She confesses to John that she didn't kill that man at the bowling alley when she should have done, and like a foolish child he congratulates her (not really) with the platitude that they are not murderers. What he fails to tell her is that Cameron on the other hand is almost 100% murderer. If you're having security crises and don't want to get your hands bloody then why not call Cameron to make sure you're save from potential raving lunatics and do your heavy lifting at the same time? Also isn't John a murderer? Didn't he murder that man who came and attacked them in the first episode of this season? Or did that man choke himself to death?

Cameron and John head off to Mexico to destroy Cromartie but he's gone! Stolen away by Ellis. I really like Cameron, as I've said before. She's probably the main reason I'm still watching this show, considering I don't get half of what happens in it. Like that with the blood spatters on the wall. Was that supposed to mean something to me? Because it just looked like three dots of blood. Probably where the man's hand was when he was writing all that stuff on the wall. Not something I'd go thinking about as though it meant anything. If he was trying to leave a clue why not write it out in words? He had plenty of time to write all those other words on the wall.

Then there was the bit with Jesse and Derek and Charles Fischer. Who is a Gray. Or a SkyNet conspirator. I have my doubts about Jesse. She's not proven herself to be distrustful... erm... distrustworthy? Untrustworthy! Yes she's not proven herself to be untrustworthy but she has a bit of an attitude that I'm not sure how to take her. I wouldn't trust her, that's for sure. Anyway it turns out that in the future Charles Fischer did experiments on Derek but Derek doesn't remember that. This could be because of altered timelines. Do you think that because of these altered timelines an altered version of Derek could come back? Or is that not how time travel works in the Terminator universe (or Termiverse)?

Either way the best bits of this episode was Cameron sitting her feet out of the window of the car, and talking about how she does feel things, not emotions but sensations. Then later asking about the turtle that Sarah flipped on the way back from Mexico (long story short: Sarah flipped a turtle... on the way back from Mexico) and then proceeding to do the same with Agent Ellis. Seven thumbs up. One thumb off because of the whole crazy dots motif that didn't really make any sense.

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