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Chuck - Anna Wu 2

Chuck 2x07 - Chuck Versus The Fat Lady - Review

Posted on 2008.11.18 at 15:09
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Why can't Chuck have a relationship that ends nicely? Why does every person he gets involved with have to only be his girlfriend as cover or turn out to work for Fulcrum or erm... whatever it was that drove Rachel Bilson away. Chuck deserves to have a nice relationship without all the lies and deceit and everything. I suppose I should really have detected that this Jill was trouble but I was so desperate for Chuck to actually have something nice happen to him that I ignored any doubts about her. I could tell it was coming at the end. Everything worked out too nicely. I suppose I could still hold out the hope that she's gone rogue and doesn't really work for Fulcrum any more like... *shudder* Bryce Larkin, but in that case she would have just told them. Plus all the events fit too well for her to have gone rogue. Stupid Jill. I hope that they kill her. Get it? Kill Jill? Comedy gold I tell ya.

Anyway where was Anna this week? Come on! Why aren't they doing that Anna centric episode? Jeff got an episode. Why not Anna? Morgan, Jeff and Lester all rallied around to stop the evil witchhunt that that new guy was trying to carry out on Chuck. I like their storylines but they are always going to be secondary to the main Chuck storyline. Usually it works because Chuck has to actually interact with them at some point but the secondary storyline rolled around without him this week. Because he was too busy with Evil Jill and all that. The secondary storylines would be drastically improved if Anna was involved. Then again it's my opinion that the main storylines would also be improved if Anna was involved. In fact I'd probably like the show more if it was Anna who had a computer stuck in her head. I'm not sure about how much the rest of the world would love that idea but hey it's my imagination I can do whatever I want in here.

Anyway it was a good episode that had me feeling a bit sad for Chuck at the end. The best bits were Chuck accidentally calling Jill up while in a ventilation shaft and then her turning up as Sarah and Chuck attempted to get the potential poison off their clothes. Also Casey hitting a high C. That was priceless. "I was a choirboy. What? I wasn't hatched you know!" Eight thumbs up.

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