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Heroes - Hiro Nakamura

Heroes 3x09 - It's Coming - Review

Posted on 2008.11.18 at 13:55
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It's nice to see Hiro brimming with child-like enthusiasm over his power but I'm too bemused by the whole occurance to appreciate it. Instead of laughing as he plays pranks on people in the bowling alley I'm concerned as to why Arthur thought regressing Hiro to the state of a ten year old was really his best course of action. I am glad that Hiro didn't die or have his powers taken or whatever but it makes me lose respect for Arthur that in a situation where he had so much of the upper hand he decided to do something so lame. So hopelessly futile. And there I was thinking Hiro was in danger. Ugh. Nevermind. Hiro and Ando teleport off to a bowling alley where Ando teaches Ten Year Old Hiro about his powers. Then after they're done there Hiro teleports them to a comic book shop where they take a gander at the latest issue of 9th Wonders. Seriously who is writing that any more? Isn't Isaac dead? I know he provided a few extra copies for use after his death but come on. Anyway thanks to the latest comic by the Ghost of Isaac we're informed that 'It's Coming'. Another eclipse. Exciting!

So Sylar apparently has Peter's power as well as his own but he just never learnt to use it because he's so emotionally cut off. Then he's put in a room with Elle and she blasts him a bit and then forgives herself for turning him into a monster and now they're the best of friends. She teaches him the best technique for shooting lightning while he has his shirt off and it's all like 'ooh are sylar and elle going to be having a relationship' and I say no! For gods sake no! Elle/Claire forever! Elle/Sylar never! Okay I don't really care that much if Elle and Sylar were to get together but I would much prefer her and Claire. Claire had the whole unable to be affected by Elle's electricity thing way before Sylar did. Plus also they're both women and lesbians > Sylar.

Claire and Peter go on the run from Knox and Flint (Claire is blissfully unaware that Flint is her uncle! God, it's just like one of Shakespeare's comedy of errors) and it turns out that they're after Claire, not Peter. So her valiant attempt to protect Peter from them doesn't really do much. Peter on the other hand uses his brain and not his powers and lays a trap for Flint. Then he escapes with Claire and they head off to the big reunion.

Mohinder is trying to work out the missing ingredient necessary to stop people from turning into monsters when they are given the formula. He doesn't have much success as is evidenced by the people he's experimenting on. I liked Monstrous Mohinder back when he was being more monstrous and less mad scientist. Mad scientists are good but they have to laugh manically build ridiculous contraptions and have servants called Igor. Mohinder has none of these things. It turns out that the missing ingredient, the catalyst, is a human and only Kaito Nakamura knew who the catalyst was. So obviously the catalyst must be Claire. Because Claire and Kaito spent sooo much time together. It would perhaps be his son perhaps? Nah that'd be too obvious. The catalyst is obviously someone who he only had contact with one in the entire series. You know what I think I might have figured it out. Why Arthur only erased Hiro's memory. Because killing Hiro wouldn't do him any good since Hiro's the catalyst. Arthur needs some way to get Hiro onto his side. Perhaps by erasing his memories he was going to take advantage of Hiro's child like (actually not child like because he is mentally speaking a child) innocence to convince him that he's one of the good guys and Hiro should work with him. Thus Hiro goes bad and Ando gets himself a power and the events from Hiro's trip to the future occur. Then the Powernadoquake arrives and the planet gets torn in half or something. I guess we get to find out pretty soon.

Anyway i get the feeling I lost track of that paragraph somewhere, but nevermind because I've said all I have to say about Mohinder for now. How about Matt and Daphne. Daphne who lest we forget is working for Arthur still and is just spying on Matt. Daphne's either the best spy ever or Matt is far too trusting. Either way I know I wouldn't want to betraying a mind reader. Mind readers can tell if you're really on their side or not you know. They read your mind. It's called mind reading. Anyway they arrive at Primatech for some reason and Angela is all paralysed or whatever Arthur did to her. She's trapped in her mind anyway. Daphne wanders back over to Pinehearst to tell Arthur and then Matt goes into Angela's mind. This bit is excellent. It's really well done. The fast pace and the time skips make this feel really surreal. I love it. Anyway the upshot of the very good mindreading scene is that Arthur decides to just let Angela go. I am seriously losing respect for this guy's judgement.

Nathan and Tracey turn up at Pinehearst. Arthur wants him to be president after the end of the world and Nathan (who completely failed to kick down any doors) has to go and have a little think. Tracey it seems has suddenly turned the dial on her evilometer up to 11. I hope they reveal what it is she wants so desperately that she's going to manipulate Nathan into siding with the bad guys for. It best had be something good. She doesn't want her powers gone so it can't be that. Maybe it's a new xbox 360? There's some awesome games on that thing you know. I want Gears of War 2 and Mirror's Edge. Anyway no matter what she wants she's thrown her lot in with the villains now.

So then all the Heroes turns up at Angela's bedside; Matt, Daphne, Peter, Claire and Nathan. And all the Villains are gathered around Arthur's chair while he does some precognative drawings; Tracey, Knox, Flint, Sylar and Elle. Actually that's not quite everyone. Where's Meredith and Noah? Where's Maya? Where's the Haitian? And for god's sake where's Claude? Anyway regardless of where all our absent favourites are one thing is for sure. It's coming...

Anyway at first I wasn't going to rate this episode masively highly because my respect for Arthur was dwindling and the whole Hiro is a ten year old was perplexing but since I've managed to work out some kind of reasoning for these actions I'm going to go ahead and give it an eight thumbs up. A little suspension of disbelief required but then again this is a world where people have powers and all that. Suspension of disbelief is built right in.

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