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Dexter Morgan

Dexter 3x08 - The Damage A Man Can Do - Review

Posted on 2008.11.17 at 14:27
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As much as I've liked Miguel's friendship with Dexter this season, and I have, I've been aware that something was going to happen to throw it into jeopardy. I still think that the event that will make Dexter and Miguel into enemies will be the revelation that Dexter killed Oscar. But now I think that this event may be precipitated by arguments over Harry's Code. Miguel will find it too limiting, Dexter will maintain that it is necessary in order to keep them both out of jail. Arguments happen. Miguel accuses Dexter of killing his brother and says that he figured it out but was willing to overlook it or something. Further arguments. Then it's serial killer versus serial killer at Dexter's wedding.

It may surprise you that for someone who has followed the Dexter/Miguel storyline through to such ridiculous extremes I have no ideas at all what's going to happen with The Skinner case. I personally can't see The Skinner being some random person that we've never met before. I suppose technically speaking it's more likely for him to be a person we've never met before as there is more of them in the world than people we have met, but it would be such a cop out to have some random show up and be the Skinner. So in terms of new characters this season who the Skinner could be there's:

  • Quinn: This is what I perceive as being the most obvious candidate for the Skinner. So it probably won't be him because it's too obvious.

  • Miguel: He's a killer but is he a Skinner? Probably not.

  • Ramon: He's unlikely to be the Skinner because he's been suspected once already and then cleared. Then again that could be a clever ploy by the writers to throw us off his trail.

How about some of the less likely candidates?

  • Yuki: The Internal Affairs investigator. She's been hanging around a fair bit and although she hasn't had apparent motivation or shown any inclination of killing people that just makes it more likely to be her if you ask me.

  • Ellen: The Defence Lawyer. No but seriously it could be her! Why couldn't it be her? Because she's not shown any motivation or intent to kill people? She's just good at hiding it, like Dexter. Because she actively helps criminals by legally representing them. That's just so she can get close to criminals to learn their ways or kill them. Oh okay it probably isn't Ellen, but you know, it could be.

  • Barbara: The vice cop. It could be Barbara for all the same reasons as it could be Ellen. Plus where was she all day not to return Angel's calls? Off killing Anton is where she was. Possibly.

  • Anton: Anton doesn't have any apparent motivation or intent to go around killing people either, but he does have a mysterious past and knowledge of who the police are looking into on the Freebo case. He's my top suspect.

So Miguel's turned up at Ellen Wolf's house in the middle of the night (to kill her? to tell her about Dexter? to help her skin people? who knows?) and Anton's gone missing. All in all it adds up to an enjoyable if conflicted episode of Dexter. I give it eight thumbs up.

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