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Pushing Daisies - Emerson Cod

Merlin 1x09 - Excalibur - Review

Posted on 2008.11.15 at 22:42
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It was only last week I admitted that I know next to nothing of the Arthur mythology and that next to nothing is Excalibur. I know the Excalibur story as well as I know how to find my way around the mean streets of Tokyo if this episode is anything to go by.

Here's what I thought I knew about Excalibur. Excalibur was a magic sword that just sort of popped into existence one day. Then someone put it in a stone because only the true ruler of Albion (England in the old days) can get swords out of stones. Arthur pulled it out of a stone and everyone made him king. Then he got bored of the sword and threw it in a lake. This bears little to no resemblance to the story of Excalibur as told by Merlin. There's no awesome black knights charging into the middle of a feast on a weird horse. Pellinore (who I obviously don't really know as much as I thought about) gets killed by the black knight and then a whole night of creeping around making plans and schemes and unravelling Arthur's twisted past occurs (I would have sworn that Nimueh was his real mother) and then Merlin makes Excalibur by having a dragon breathe on a sword. A dragon who is played by John Hurt by the way. Should I know who that is? Apparently he's the elephant man but I thought the elephant man lived in Victorian Times and walked around with a blanket on his head. I obviously don't know as much about the elephant man as I thought I did. Perhaps his elephant DNA means he can live longer than normal people and everyone's just accepted this as a fact and so nobody is excited by his continued existence thus not informing younger generations that John Hurt is the elephant man. Anyway that's beside the point but nevermind. When the whole turning the sword into Excalibur happened that's what my nan started to tell me about. I got the impression she wasn't impressed with the forging of Excalibur as we were supposed to be. So then Uther uses it and it gets tainted or something and so Merlin throws it in that lake, which I don't think was exactly what the elephant man wanted him to. If people knew it was there they could just swim down and get it. It's hardly beyond the reach of mortal grasp or whatever it was that he said.

Anyway the knight was good, Arthur getting all drugged up was good. Everyone sneaking about in the middle of the night was good and overall it was good. Thumbs up. Eight thumbs probably.

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