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Buffy - Willow and Tara


Posted on 2008.11.14 at 14:35
Current Mood:: boredbored
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My NaNovel is suffering from some serious neglect now. After being massively enthused for it for about 10 days the novelty feels like it has worn off now and I'm not even halfway through the book. I am going to attempt to rekindle that NaNoWriMo spirit but I'm not massively hopeful. I might just give it up and get on with my regular life. I've still got Mercenaries 2 waiting for me to finish it and don't get me started on that new Viva Pinata game, because I've not even started on it. Why can't NaNoWriMo be one of the earlier months in the year when all the good games aren't coming out all at once?

And look! I was so enthusiastic at one point I even made an icon based on my book! That's pure enthusiasm for you. And now it's gone. I think my book needs more lesbians. I wouldn't be able to give it up quite so easily then.

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