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Supernatural - New Ruby

Supernatural 4x09 - I Know What You Did Last Summer - Review

Posted on 2008.11.14 at 11:56
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I've decided that I like New Ruby and I fully support Sam/New Ruby. I think even if Sam with a demon isn't the kind of mental image you wanted then at the very least Ruby should have done enough to win your trust as an ally. Going on the run from Hell again, concientiously finding a body which nobody is using (okay only at Sam's insistence but still), attempting to help him find a way to stop Lilith and then saving him when he's too impatient to wait for the perfect opportunity. Even Dean had to admit, in his stunted and unable to get the words out kind of way, that he might have been wrong about her.

Personally when it comes to the overarching storyline I'm still hoping for a Team Winchester scenario where Sam, Dean, Bobby, Ruby and Castiel take a stand against Heaven and Hell. And possibly this Anna woman as well now. I really got the feeling from this episode that Sam's big love interest is going to be Ruby (hmm I wonder how I got that impression?) and Dean's big love interest is going to be Anna and once the war's been won and the series is sadly finished they're all going to ride off into the proverbial sunset and continue their lifes work of killing demons as a family. By the way if the series ends with Sam and Dean having normal domestic lives with perfect lives and white picket fences and all that kind of thing I will find someone to kill, because of no.

So since this is a two part episode and the angels have just shown up wanting to kill Dean's future love interest then I think this whole war between Heaven and Hell might be starting a little earlier than I thought. Next week they're going to probably going to try and fight Castiel and Uriah and then Alastor shows up and he and Uriah start fighting or something. Eventually they convince Castiel that he doesn't really want to kill poor old Anna. So he helps fight Uriah and Alastor. They kill Alastor. Uriah leaves but is unhappy because Sam and Dean aren't following orders like they should. He reports this back to Heaven. Castiel is a bit shellshocked that he's actually going against Heaven and needs time to reason it all out. Alastor doesn't have strong feelings one way or another because he's dead. And that's how the episode will probably go. But with more interaction between the main characters and possibly some running away. Dean and Anna probably kiss at some point. Ruby leaves with Anna to keep her safe for now and the episode ends with Sam and Dean feeling sombre about events that are to come but then one of them lightens the mood and they move on.


Anyway yeah I enjoyed this episode. It didn't really deliver shocking twists and turns but then again I wasn't expecting it to. When I want shocking twists and turns I'll watch an episode of the latest episode of Heroes. This episode I think overall I give it eight thumbs up. And until next week we can only wait and speculate. Though I've already done a good deal of speculation so I'll just stick with the waiting for now.

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