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Lost - Locke

Bones 4x09 - The Conman In The Meth Lab - Review

Posted on 2008.11.13 at 14:40
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This was something of a complicated episode of Bones. There was a lot of different people to keep track of. What with Clark being back and Booth's brother being in town as well as the family of the deceased (okay not the family of the deceased but the family of the man he was pretending to be) and his inventor friend. The last person I was worried about keeping track of was some sherriff.

I'm not fond of Clark. I don't mind him in small bursts but I think I grew a resentment for him the first episode of the third season (The Widow's Son In The Windowshield) when he was supposed to be there to replace Zack and my resentment of him only increased in the first episode of the fourth season (Yanks In The UK) when he was there to replace Zack again. In this episode I actually enjoyed how he didn't want to get involved in anything (right up until Booth started telling him about Angela meeting her ex-girlfriend and them becoming ex-ex-girlfriends whereupon he panicked, told a rubbish joke and fled the scene). I don't think I'd mind him as much now but since we're just having temporary replacements until Zack admits he didn't really kill that guy and comes and rejoins the team then I think we should stick with the temporary replacements. I think we've run out of different grad students now and they're just going to start going around in a cycle until we get Zack back.

I liked the developments with Booth and his brother and how that led to Bones questioning whether Booth was the man she thought he was (which he totally was) but Jared is ultimately a bit of a dick. I thought the whole bit at the end was nice with Bones going out and taking Booth some cake but the abruptness of "my dad used to drink. the end." was a bit startling. I was at least expecting some kind of a response. Or okay not a response but an awkward silence or something. Some kind of reaction between them. Whatever though right?

I think one of the reasons I got all confused with this episode was that I couldn't tell whether that woman with the inventor was supposed to be his wife or his mother at first. Trying to figure that out while keeping up with the storyline can seriously throw you off. Anyway I give the episode seven thumbs up. Good show.

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