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House 5x07 - The Itch - Review

Posted on 2008.11.12 at 13:15
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I was really excited for this episode of House and now that it's happened I feel a bit disappointed. Not because of the quality of the episode or anything like that. Just because after all the anticipation and being talked around by Wilson and the imaginary mosquito bites and everything. He still doesn't go and ask Cuddy out on a date. It was all rather anti-climactic and a bit sad. He fixes everyone elses problems. He fixes Cameron and Chase's relationship issues (in an indirect way), even fixes the patient of the week's agoraphobia (I was shocked that that wasn't a symptom). But then when it comes for something nice to happen with him and Cuddy... nothing. I was shocked. I knew that it was such a perfect moment that something had to go wrong, I just figured that she'd be there with Wilson or something. Not that House would chicken out. I don't think he's ever chickened out of anything before. Which just proves how much he really loves Cuddy.

Anyway this was a good episode despite the anticlimactic ending (House and Cuddy will be together eventually). I liked how this episode integrated Cameron and Chase into the main storyline. I mean I do like the new team but it's always nice to see what Cameron and Chase are up to. I loved the scene where they were doing surgery in the man's house and then there was the gas thing. I'm not really clear on what happened there but I loved how House ran over to the lawyer and said that it's a perfectly normal part of surgery. I also liked the dream sequence that House had where he inadvertantly exploded his house. I'm guessing it's got some kind of symbolic meaning or something, and not a good one seeing as how his house got destroyed (symbolically his house represents him (House is a house... get it?)). But even with such unfortunate symbolic dreams I still want House and Cuddy to get together. I just think they'd be perfect together. I loved how Wilson was running around playing matchmaker between House and Cuddy. Especially loved how Cuddy suggested they have sex outside House's office, just to make sure that House notices. All in all this was a good episode with a really exciting and then slightly disappointing ending. House and Cuddy will get together eventually. I just know it. Till then this episode gets eight thumbs up. It would have got a full ten if House hadn't chickened out at the last second.

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