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Tatu 13

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2x08 - Mr Ferguson Is Ill Today - Review

Posted on 2008.11.11 at 19:00
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Wow. I really liked this episode. If the action and the fact that it took place on Dia De Los Muertos (the Day of the Dead) wasn't enough for you then you can always take comfort in the cleverly done storyline which followed each character and how they interacted with each other individually. It started with Sarah who I suppose is really the star of the series, the series is named after her, but personally I'd like it a bit better if John was the star or Cameron even. Actually I'd especially like it if Cameron was the star. I find Sarah to be a bit too strict and in some circumstances hypocritical (like how she didn't kill that guy last week after she'd gone off on one to John for leaving them exposed). I much prefer John. He makes mistakes as well but at least... erm... I can't think of any excuse for why it's more acceptable for him to make mistakes. It just is. At least he isn't a bitch about it. So anyway it starts with Sarah and she's all judgemental because John has a friend. Okay fine it might not be the safest place for his friend but he's got to have someone hasn't he and he can't exactly be best friends with you you heartless woman. You're like a bloody machine yourself, apart from when you're not following your own rules. Anyway she gets attacked by Cromartie and so we see Cameron's side of events.

Cameron goes up to see John, pausing to take her top off at the door in a move that made me think that kinds of wrong were about to happen. Here's an interesting question: can you have sex with a terminator? Are they equipped for the task. You know just in case the wrongness were about to happen would it have been possible to happen? I suppose actually they must be equipped because of Vick Chamberlain from the first season. He had a wife and everything. I wonder if she knew the difference? Okay all kinds of wrongness. I'm getting out of this avenue of wrongness now. What's going on in the plot. Right Cameron who is just lying on the bed and not doing any kind of wrongess wants John to get rid of Riley. He doesn't much want to. Swap to John's perspective and off he runs to Mexico with Riley.

Things happen for a bit and eventually he gets imprisoned and does some kind of code when he calls up whatever his uncle is called. What is his uncle called by the way? Derek? Yeah that sounds about right. Anyway so then he and Riley are in prison and they go to escape and then it cuts back to Sarah who is now on the back of Cromartie's car in Mexico (although I didn't realise they were in Mexico. I just thought that they'd just left her house or something. Which was confusing for me during the sequence when Cromartie was suddenly in Mexico. Anyway in a display of futility she throws herself off the back of the car and gets thrown into the boot. There she uses a coke can or some generic brand of soft drink can to cut open her bonds and then to cut open her hands. Ouch that cut looked painful. Anyway there's all kind of noises going on and then the boot opens and it's Agent Ellison and John. Together at last.

It seems Ellison has temporarily forgotten he works for a terminator and has decided to go and try to save John from the clutches of Cromartie. They all run away and eventually events resolve themselves that they go and kill Cromartie to death in a church in a really stylish way. Cromartie dies a bit and they bury him in a hole and then Ellison kind of wants to join the team but he can't be joining the team just yet. He's got that terminator woman he has to go and work for. Until this episode I was almost certain that Cromartie was a big bad who would pop his head out every now and again and that he'd be the principle antagonist of the series. One who they never completely shake no matter how many others they bury in the sand. Also who is Mr Ferguson and why is he ill? I don't recollect there being anyone called Mr Ferguson in the episode. Nor anyone being ill. Well regardless I think it's time to score this episode and I have to give it a nine thumbs up. It was really pretty good and it of course gets bonus points for opening a whole new section of wrongness in my brain.

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