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Chuck - Anna Wu 2

Chuck 2x06 - Chuck Versus The Ex - Review

Posted on 2008.11.11 at 16:04
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No Anna this week, which I guess is a pretty lame opening statement because the program is not called Anna. It's called Chuck. But imagine what the program might have been like had it been called Anna. What might life have been like had Anna accidentally got the contents of a top secret government computer trapped in her head? What then? Well for one thing Bryce Larkin would be around significantly less. Before this episode started I was worried that this would turn into another Bryce Larkin episode. Or another episode about past loves who are better spies than Chuck is. However it turns out that my fears were unfounded and this was to be a Bryce, and past love who are better than Chuck at being a spy, free zone. This episode was about Jill, who is Chuck's ex who ended up going out with Bryce after Bryce made it seem like Chuck had cheated and got him kicked out of Harvard. I really felt for Chuck in this episode. He really wanted to make a good impression and everything just seemed to be going wrong for him but it was worth it in the end.

I loved the entire CIA restaurant that all knew Chuck, especially Casey's disguise, on which I have to applaud him. I probably wasn't paying attention at the time, distracted by something shiny no doubt, but until Chuck went and answered his 'phone call' at the bar I didn't in fact recognise Casey. Casey was, of course, the best bit of the episode when Chuck figured out another way to spread the antidote. That was absolutely priceless. The other best bit had to be the Indiana Joneish way Morgan was attempting to get hold of the answers to the exam, and Lester and Jeff's concern over Chuck's rabies. Oh and when they all tried to sit down next to him for the test. I'm not sure about this new guy yet. He seems to have been drafted in to give Chuck an authority figure to battle against. You know how there used to be Harry Tang and then Lester attempted to authoritarian for a while. Well this guy is pretty good at his job and his job is being unlikeable. So no I don't think I'm going to like him very much, unless he proves to be unlikeable and yet at the same time hilarious.

As for Jill. Well I like Jill. I think Jill and Chuck are probably better together than Chuck and Sarah and there's probably a bunch of Chuck/Sarah fans out there sticking pins their little Jill dolls but what do Chuck and Sarah really have in common? Very little apart from being 'spies' and Chuck isn't really a full blown spy so that doesn't exactly count. Plus Chuck knows nothing about Sarah. He doesn't even know her name. I think as long as Jill doesn't turn out to be working for the enemy then I'm in support of her and Chuck's relationship. I think Sarah might be a little less than enthusiastic when it comes to saving her from Fulcrum though. So tensions are brewing. And hopefully next week we can have an episode with Anna in it because that would be even more awesome. Anna would have been good in this episode. I imagine she probably would have been a little too enthusiastic with the CPR practice units (whatever they are called) and well she probably wouldn't have had much of a storyline but overenthusiasm is important in a program. Or something. Anyway I give it eight thumbs up.

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