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Heroes - Elle Bishop

Heroes 3x08 - Villains - Review

Posted on 2008.11.11 at 14:45
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Okay this is like my third attempt at coherantly interpreting my reaction to the latest episode. The first two times I got a bit sidetracked by whether or not the niceifying that's going on with Sylar is a good move (in my opinion no. A better course of action for Sylar's storyline would have been to make The Company the principle antagonists and make Sylar out for revenge against them because they stole his powers. That way he could ally with the rest of the heroes in an anti-hero capacity. Kind of like Spike in the fourth season of Buffy except he'd still be able to attack people). This time I'm going to put all that to one side and just focus on the events of the episode. One of the main events in this episode is that it broke my brain. Thanks to having several different timelines going on at once and not having watched the first episode in some time I got all confused and thought that Arthur had 'died' in the first episode. It turns out I was getting 'Angela is arrested for stealing socks (which is a bit of a wtf? now)' and 'Angela and Nathan wait to hear whether or not Arthur has died' confused. Which is easily done.

So Elle and Sylar eh? This puts an entirely different spin on 'I Am Become Death' or whatever that episode was where Sylar had settled down and raised a family in the future. I'm just betting that that was Sylar and Elle's child. Then again why you'd call him Noah I'm not sure. Perhaps it wasn't Sylar's child but Noah encountered some kind of villain with a power that can de-age you back into being a child and Sylar was taking care of him because he's not exciting enough to fight evil any more. I liked the Sylar/Elle storyline but I thought it had one flaw. Trevor Zeitlan. He had one awesome power and now we'll never see it again. Sylar lost all of his powers except his inherant one when the company used the Shanti Virus on him in season two. So that awesome power which Sylar never used during the entire first season is now gone never to be seen again. Why couldn't they have introduced someone with a power that Sylar had actually used during the first season and then introduce this Zeitlan guy with his fingerguns later as a new character that maybe Sylar could steal the power of? Or something. In fact this is a pretty good episode for one off powers that you'll never see again including the power of Danny Pine, who can turn his body to metal. Awesome power but I'm betting we never see him ever again. Why do the people with best powers vanish never to be seen again? Like that guy who could do black holes? And Claude. Bring back Claude! I really thought Claude was going to be in this episode when Flint mentioned the invisible guy who had knocked him down in an alleyway. When he and Meredith were on that train I was thinking 'right. Claude's going to pop up at any minute now' and he didn't. Stupid Thompson. Why would he chase Meredith and Flint onto a train without getting his teammate to help him out. Actually now that I think about it why was Claude even there. Wasn't he supposed to be lying low ever since Noah had shot him on a bridge seven years ago? Oh I've broke my brain again.

Anyway this was a good episode and I'm sure it's going to provide us with lots of things to consider for next time. For example Elle's just made her way into Pinehearst and is likely to bump into Sylar. We now know more about Nathan's relationship with Arthur and how Arthur won't hesitate to kill Nathan if necessary (remember Nathan's still on his way to Pinehearst to kick some doors in) and the final important factoid we've learnt today is that Flint is Meredith's brother. A fact that will probably come into play next week when Claire will probably (if I know this show) be hunting him down and then she finds out that he's her uncle. Hijinks ensue and all that. So all in all there's a lot to be excited for next week and that's without even factoring the whole Usutu (hey look he finally got a proper name as he died, how ironic) getting killed by Arthur and Hiro being in dire peril. I hope to god that Arthur doesn't kill Hiro (obviously) or steal his power (Arthur travelling through time would be about as lethal as it's possible to be and it'd also be unfair because Hiro is like the only character in the whole show who enjoys having powers (save for Micah who isn't in it any more (which is a damn shame because I liked him))). So all in all I'm only giving it seven thumbs up. I'd give it more but it's broke my brain twice now. Flashback episodes are good but they should all happen at the same point in time. Having one storyline going on a year ago and one eighteen months ago and one eight months later than that or something. That's a guaranteed recipe for brain breakage.


aldrius at 2008-11-13 06:09 (UTC) (Link)
Can't be Claude, Claude left the company seven years before season 1. Unless he was secretly working with Thompson on the side.
cube_166 at 2008-11-13 09:51 (UTC) (Link)
Yeah, kinda figured that out now. I just thought invisible man = Claude. Guess there's another invisible about the place. Also Claude should come back at some point. He rules.
aldrius at 2008-11-19 03:19 (UTC) (Link)
I think it was totally supposed to be a reference to Claude, it just... doesn't make sense. That whole Meredith flashback I think was supposed to be pre-Claire's birth, but they worked it around so that it fit in the timeline of the Angela/Arthur and Sylar plots.

And yeah, Claude is awesome.
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