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Dexter Morgan

Dexter 3x07 - Easy As Pie - Review

Posted on 2008.11.10 at 13:47
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I think this was what I'd call an unusual episode for Dexter. No killings of evil bad guys, in fact not even any stalking or plotting against evil bad guys. Having a fiancee and a family and a friend might be making poor Dexter too domesticated? Nah. This episode was a good episode despite the whole lack of killings of killers from Dex. This was about him finding his feet as a friend, both to Camilla and to Miguel. Poor old Camilla. I saw the whole having to kill Camilla thing coming from the first conversation he had with her this week and overall I'm in support of it. I also think this episode was brilliant for dealing with such a complicated and difficult issue with only minimal browbeating as to how dire Camilla's situation is and how she should be allowed to die. There was a fair amount of moral issues going on but they weren't whether it's right or not to kill someone who wants to die (such a moral quandry on Dexter would be ridiculous) but about whether Dexter could kill someone who hasn't murdered anyone and thus earned his attention. This issue was echoed with the storyline with Miguel where he in some kind of blind lawyeristic rage wanted Ellen Wolf dead. At this point I began to think 'oh well it was really nice to know you Miguel. I thought you could be a good friend to Dexter who would respect him for what he is but then you had to go and turn into a foaming at the mouth psychopath. You will be sorely missed'. But it turns out my long winded internal monologue was for naught when Miguel realised that she was just doing her job and that she didn't really deserve to be murdered. He really surprised me there and now I'm even more confident that he's going to remain a good friend of Dexter's. Well at least until he finds out that Dexter killed his brother. I think there's some things that even the best of bonds can't survive. I'm hoping Dexter shares one of his killing rooms with Miguel next week. I'd love to see Miguel's reaction to that. By the notice how I've stopped calling him Prado? Well I'm no psychoanalyst but I think it means I'm respecting him more as a person or something. Ask a psychoanalyst if you want a proper interpretation.

I loved Debs after she was up all night drinking coffee and I am not diamatrically opposed to her new relationship with that CI guy, the one whose name I don't know (ask a psychoanalyst (don't ask him about that the CI guy's name is because that's a stupid way to live your life. Ask him about why I don't know this guy's name if you really want interpretation about it)). Anyway what was I talking about? Oh yeah Debs' love life. It seems that every season she has a new love interest. Season 1 was the Ice Truck Killer: Brian Moser (don't ask a psychoanalyst why I know his name because I only know it because it was mentioned in the episode). Season 2 was that FBI guy. Lundi I think his name was. This season it's that CI guy. I think I'd quite like it if Debs could sustain a relationship that lasts longer than twelve episodes. Not because I don't like seeing her go out with this endless parade of guys that have an I in the name of their job (I have it from a reliable source that she's going out with a P.I. guy next season) but because I'd like to get to know one character and then stick with them. Rather than get to know them and then wave them goodbye as Dexter chops them into little bitty bits or they get on a plane. Incidentally which do we think is going to happen to CI guy? I was thinking that he couldn't be the Skinner because that'd be twice that she's gone out with a serial killer but now I'm thinking that that's her thing and that Dex should go and check up on that FBI guy to see whether he's gone all slice and dice-y. I also thinking that it could be him because everyone is so sure that it's Quinn. I think it's to throw us off the trail.

Anyway this episode was good and in celebration of the goodness that it was I give it eight thumbs up. Good job Dex.

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