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Buffy - Willow and Tara

Buffy 6x07 - Once More With Feeling - Review

Posted on 2008.11.09 at 11:03
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In the past when I've reviewed episodes of things that weren't exactly up to date I've gone through this big show and dance to justify my reviewing of that episode but I'm not going to this time. This time I'm just reviewing it because I watch it every week and I'm not normally reviewing anything on a Sunday so I thought I might as well. Okay I guess I am justifying why I'm writing this review but I happen to think I'm justifying it very well. So screw you!

I'm likely to have more than a little bias when it comes to this review. I love musicals (especially Joss Whedon's musicals), I love lesbians and I've already admitted that this is my favourite Buffy episode ever. However since knowing an episode being reviewed is the reviewers 'favourite ever' tends to spoil the suspense a little bit, lets pretend I never mentioned it and that I'm stumbling across this topic for the very first time.

Before I started watching Buffy I knew two things about it. 1) It was about someone who can slay vampires who is called Buffy and 2) There is a musical episode called Once More With Feeling. That was the length and breadth of my knowledge on the subject (except maybe I might also have known that someone called Angel got their own series but that's neither here nor there). I had previously experienced a Joss Whedon musical in the form of Doctor Horrible's Singalong Blog so when it came along to Once More With Feeling I wasn't dreading it, thinking of all the ways it could go wrong as one might have been doing. I was looking forward to it, hoping it was as roaringly brilliant as Doctor Horrible's Singalong Blog and I was to be pleasantly surprised. Well actually not surprised but whatever it was that I was it happened pleasantly.

The whole thing is brilliant. The concept is genius. Rather than just having the characters singing for no reason Joss works the musical element of the episode to be the main plot point of the episode and also a source of peril for the characters. It's not only catchy and clever, the storyline is fantastic and contains massive revelations for almost all of the main characters and the beginnings of a relationship between Spike and Buffy. This is no filler episode. Buffy reveals that she was in heaven. Tara finds out that Willow has been making her forget things she doesn't like. Xander and Anya have trouble with their relationship. Giles decides he has to leave in order to get Buffy to stand on her own two feet. This episode is fantastic.

It's hard to choose a favourite song from the episode as they are all great. There's only one part of the episode that bothers me. Dawn's Ballet. I watched it once and that was enough for me. I know what Joss said, that he wrote each part so the actor would be comfortable in the amount they had to sing but Michelle Trachtenberg has a great singing voice and it feels like it went to waste a bit. I would have much preferred a song from her than a piece of ballet that I'm probably never going to watch ever again. However amongst the rest of the songs from the episode I would be hard pressed to pick a favourite but it would have to be either 'Under Your Spell', 'I'll Never Tell', 'Rest In Peace' or 'Standing'. Or possibly even 'Where Do We Go From Here'. Or 'Walk Through The Fire'. In fact screw this. All the songs are great. The storyline is great. Everything about this episode is great. I have no choice but to give this episode the highest mark I've ever given to an episode: the prestigious eleven thumbs up.

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