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Merlin 1x08 - The Beginning Of The End - Review

Posted on 2008.11.08 at 23:00
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I'm not exactly one hundred percent on my Arthurian legend (about all I'm certain of when it comes to whole Arthur thing is that Arthur has to pull a peice of weaponry out of a peice of masonry to become king of England and that there's some ladies in a lake who give him a sword) but I do know that Mordred is not a good. Mordred is most definately a bad and Merlin and his cohorts have just spent a whole episode protecting Mordred. I suppose since I'm a bigshot writer who can see these plot twists coming I should have anticipated that there was a reason we were not being told Mordred's name. That it would mean something to us one way or another but nope. It didn't occur to me this time. I suppose really I should brush up on my Arthurian legend in order to give an informed opinion on Merlin but then again how many people know things about Arthurian legend? I should really review from the position of a layperson who isn't incredibly informed on the whole Arthurian legend front. Which is a handy realisation as it means I don't have to do any research on the Arthurian legend. Okay I'm going to stop saying Arthurian legend now. Ahem.

Okay I think I'm over it now. I'm surprised that Gaius wasn't as into protecting Mordred as he usually is into protecting people. He normally loves protecting people. Mordana, Merlin. Hey how come all the people with magic start with an M? Is that why they have magic? Don't tell Uther. He'll start hunting down and killing anybody with a name that begins with an M. And you know what, I wouldn't put it past him. I love Anthony Stewart Head when he's in Buffy but when he's in Merlin he's a bit of a bastard and I think if Nimueh doesn't end up being the big bad for this season then it's going to have to be him. Just because of how much of a ruthless bastard he is.

Ultimately I think Merlin has made the wrong chance. Sure it wouldn't have made him very popular but unpopular with your best friend not doomed has to be popular with your doomed friend. I hope that the dragon was overstating just how doomed Arthur is and that there is still a chance for him. After all as Merlin insists these are events that haven't happened yet. The future is not set in stone. I think Merlin is a bit weak willed when it comes to letting small children get killed. Me I wouldn't have had any trouble letting a small child die. If I was Merlin I'd consider this situation something of a win/win.

In summary this episode was a good. The best bit was Merlin magicking the boots to creep towards him and Merlin magicking the keys around Arthur's head. Arthur trying to find the source of that noise was priceless. Overall I give it eight thumbs up.

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