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Supernatural - New Ruby

Supernatural 4x08 - Wishful Thinking - Review

Posted on 2008.11.07 at 15:44
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I normally disapprove of episodes where the name is a giveaway and so in a broad sense I suppose I should disapprove of the name of this episode however the name just led me a merry jig down the garden path (translation: it didn't really tell me anything) because I thought this episode was going to be another Djinn episode. As the episode progressed I revised my expectations to another trickster episode (it totally seemed like something he'd do. Especially with the bigfoot bit and then the teddy bear bit).

This episode was great. I love the whole idea of a town with a working wishing well, and since my brain has been turned on because of NaNoWriMo I kind of got a little bit distracted thinking about the possibility of a TV show based around the police force of a town with a wishing well. However most things are giving me ideas at the moment. Last night I wanted to write a TV show based around the crew of a ship fighting supernatural sea monsters or something. But I feel I'm losing the point here somewhat. Overall I thought it was a good episode. The peril wasn't as obvious as I usually like my peril to be, although I suppose that that kid with superpowers was the perilous part of the episode. Him and the crazy wife. And since we're on the subject of the crazy wife I like that they didn't use the old cliche of having her so in love with her husband that she tried to kill him. That's so overused nowadays. Okay so she did go insane and try to kill Sam and it still adheres to the go crazy and attempt to kill someone part of the cliche... but still.

Best bits of the episode include Dean's enthusiasm to save naked women, Sam and Dean hunting for Bigfoot, then posing as teddy bear doctors, the discussion of how to fight a teddy bear and well the whole episode was littered with best bits. I have to feel sorry for poor Dean though. He's been through Hell (literally) and he's doing his best to keep going and I'm still really curious to hear precisely what's been going on in Sammy's life while Dean was down in the pit. There's got to be more to what's going on with New Ruby than meets the eye.

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