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Chuck - Anna Wu 2

Dirty Sexy Money 2x05 - The Verdict - Review

Posted on 2008.11.06 at 16:19
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So I've decided to stop trusting anybody in Dirty Sexy Money. You can't trust Tripp or Simon Elder for obvious reasons, in this one we find out that Jeremy was only with Nola (I promise I'm going to stop making fun of her name this week) at the start to get the case against his mother thrown out, then there's Letitia, I mean did she do it or not? Karen originally hooked up with Simon to spy on him. Nola (What kind of a name is Nola? (yeah I said I'd stop making fun of her name this week, but I figure I've still got an entire review to make fun of her name in before I give it up forever, I should make use of it)) is working for Simon Elder in some bizarre capacity. You can't trust Patrick because he deliberately concealed information about his wife's death, even if he didn't kill her. You can't trust Brian because he would have kidnapped his son from Brazil if his son hadn't convinced him to go and look at where Andrea (I've remembered her name for once) was working. Nick's wife (God just when I'd remembered Andrea's name I forget hers) can't be trusted because she lied to Nick rather than go through an awkward conversation about Jeremy Darling. And well I've been getting the feeling that Nick can't be trusted for some time now. He's turning into Tripp Mk. 2. Plus the whole thing at the end where Karen wants him to give her incentive to give up Simon Elder. I'm in two minds about this. In one mind I don't want him to go cheating on his wife, whatever her name is, but on the other hand I kind of want those two to get together for some reason. About the only person that can be trusted is on a 'year long orgasm in the south pacific'. I miss Juliet and I hope that when Karen says a year long orgasm (well primarily I hope she means a year long holiday because otherwise that'd be weird) she genuinely means a year long orgasm (or holiday) and she'll be back, fresh faced, with some random bloke on her arm that she wants to marry or something. Possibly even a random woman on her arm that she wants to marry because that would be spectacular.

All in all my verdict of this episode was: "trust nobody" and if that's not a valid verdict then "I really hope Jeremy and Nola (seriously who calls their child Nola?) get back together because they are good together". I give it seven thumbs up.

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