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Bones 4x08 - The Skull In The Sculpture - Review

Posted on 2008.11.06 at 14:20
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This is the first actual up to date review I've done of Bones and I've been rather looking forward to it. I know I did that review of the last episode of season three but I think that more counts as confused outrage than an actual review. This one is going be a proper review. Honest. I was going to start by talking about the team hunting for a person to fill Zack's place (poor old Zack) but I have priorities and lesbian relationships always comes at the top of my list of priorities.

As I've said before I'm biased when it comes to lesbian relationships. There's just something about them that feels more romantic and more real to me for some reason. So with that in mind it's not too much of a surprise to find out how vigourously I support Angie's new relationship with her old flame Roxy and I hope that Roxy returns in later episodes.

So this season there has been no definate replacement for Zack (which is good) and a different grad student being auditioned for the part each week. I like this method. It feels kind of like the whole thing that House did at the start of the last season. A bit. Although personally I'm guessing that the grad student carousel will continue to spin and spin until Zack gets out of the mental institution and then he can resume his former role. This week was the return of Daisy Wicks (I think she was from The Man In The Outhouse or one of the episodes around about then). I actually rather like her, although I think the novelty would wear off after a while. She wouldn't make a good member of the lab team but I think her and Sweets will go hand in hand. Speaking of which I really like Sweets. He's great. I loved his and Angela's conversation at the start of the episode where he got all nervous because he thought she was coming onto him.

The murder this week was an interesting one and raises good points about art. Points I've made before and which I will continue to make until people start making art the old fashioned way, on canvases with brushes and paint. I'm with Booth. Crushed up junk is not art. No matter what. Not even if you draw the Mona Lisa on the side of it. Okay maybe if you draw the Mona Lisa on the side of it but nobody had done that. While I was watching Bones in a marathon a couple of weeks ago I was watching it and would randomly pick someone who I would think the murderer was. Regardless of any motives thus revealed or actions or anything. And this week I was right (although this week I didn't pick so much at random as on a hunch of "she seems strangely insistent that he's killed himself").

Best moments of the week involved Bones with a big box of flesh eating beetles and Bones informing Angela that Booth says sometimes people say the opposite of what they mean and the confusion that ensues. I give this episode eight thumbs up. Or I give it two thumbs up and so do three friends. Making a grand score of: eight thumbs up. Hooray for this episode!

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