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Tatu 16

Wonderfalls Saves My Brain

Posted on 2008.11.05 at 16:03
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It doesn't actually save my brain although it is awesome. Me watching the entire series of Wonderfalls over the course of about two days is probably unrelated to me finally figuring out what's going on in my NaNovel but both things are worth celebrating anyway. And I really would celebrate only instead I'm going to write more things while I'm actually managing to write things.

(For those who aren't aware of Wonderfalls, it is another brilliant but cancelled series from the wonderful mind of Bryan Fuller (Dead Like Me and Pushing Daisies) about a retail worker at a gift shop in Niagra Falls who can suddenly and unexplainedly speak to inanimate objects. It's pure genius and I think I like it even more than Dead Like Me, or even Pushing Daisies.)

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