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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2x07 - Brothers of Nablus - Review

Posted on 2008.11.04 at 10:58
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Wow this episode kicked off in dramatic fashion with Terminellison bursting in on Agent Ellison (okay I really he's not an agent any more but just calling him Ellison sounds a bit weird). I thought Agent Ellison had had it at that point and then Cromartie made an appearance. I'm not sure what's going on with Ellison at the moment. I mean I know why Cromartie is keeping him alive, he's made that abundantly clear but I don't know why Katherine Weaver is being so cooperative with him. To the point of helping him clear his name. There clearly is more going on than we think. Either Katherine Weaver has gone rogue (which is, I think, unprecedented in the Terminator continuuity) or there's some part of SkyNet that Ellison is supposed to help build. In which case why would SkyNet be sending Terminellison to take his place. Surely that's an exercise in futility. Something isn't right there.

The Connor household has been robbed, thanks in part to John's friend Riley forgetting to turn the security system back on after a late night movie session. John gets chided for not being security conscious enough but I don't hear Sarah coming down on herself for letting that man live at the end of the episode which was arguably a worse decision. Okay I know Sarah doesn't like to kill people herself but she could have let Cameron do it. For someone who claims that the main issue is keeping her family secure that's a pretty bad choice to have made.

I liked Cromartie's hunt for John in this episode. Thanks to Cameron going a bit shady a couple of weeks ago he gets led straight to John's door. I think really Sarah should be angry at everyone. Not just John. Angry at herself for letting that man with the long hair and the unreasonably high voice live and angry at Cameron for going off on a wild adventure when she forgot who she was. That's what's going to lead Cromartie back to them. John's mistake, trusting Riley arguably is a good thing because not only is she awesome but she covers for John when Cromartie turns up, thus protecting John.

Best bits of the episode include Riley insisting she was a brave spooky ninja and Cromartie's 'reassuring' smile to the man with the long hair and the unreasonably high voice at the very end of the episode. Thumbs up for another good episode of this unpronouncable (seriously have you ever tried to say Sarah Connor Chronicles?) program. Bravo.

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