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Dexter Morgan

Dexter 3x06 - Si Su Puede - Review

Posted on 2008.11.03 at 19:09
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So Dexter's title is once again an incomprehensible mess, but don't worry it's just the title the episode itself is brilliant. Dexter's struggle to determine whether or not Miguel can be trusted and eventually discovering that yes Miguel can be trusted. That he's made a real friend, one who not only can tolerate the darker side of our dear Dexter but one who loves and cherishes that darker side. I like Miguel and presuming this whole season doesn't cause him to eventually turn against Dex I'd love to see him come back as a main character next year. Dexter's partner in crime. You know what I'd hate though, I'd hate to see him turn against Dexter. Dexter has hard the worst record with letting people in on his secret. There was Lyla who went crazy stalker mental when she found out, and Harry who after seeing Dexter at work went so far as to end his own life. I'd hate to see Dexter get hurt again. If Miguel isn't coming back next season I want it to be because he died in the line of duty, while trying to protect Dexter. Not because he turned out to be just like everyone else. Dex would never let anybody back in ever again. The one thing I wish was more like the novels is I wish Debs knew about Dex. In the novels she accepted him for it eventually. I liked that dynamic between them in the novels. Although the third novel did go a bit sketchy. If anyone in this season mentions the name Moloch I'm turning it off right there and then. That'll be the end of it for me.

Anyway I so thought I was right about Ramon when Debs started tailing him and everything. I was sitting there so smug thinking 'I was right. I was bloody right' and later 'I could write this show.' Although I'm glad I don't because my attention would wander and that would be the end of it. Anyway it doesn't seem like Ramon is The Skinner. Although I wouldn't rule it out just yet. I'm leaning to it being Quinn now, but I wouldn't be surprised if this wasn't just some elaborate double bluff to throw us off the scent of the skinner. By the way I'm betting that Yuki from internal affairs will be found dead pretty soon. Personal vendetta my arse.

All in all a good episode. I loved seeing Dexter plan the kill with Miguel and all that and Harry coming out wearing Dexter's clothes was brilliant. I'd give it nine thumbs up. Except I don't have nine thumbs so I just have to give it two thumbs up like everyone else.

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