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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2x06 - The Tower Is Tall But The Fall Is Short - Review

Posted on 2008.11.02 at 23:24
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I know it's against my usual policy and technically speaking I could just wait till Tuesday to review the latest episode of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles but I'm in a reviewing mood. Sometimes people just want to review things you know.

This review might be a bit tricky because of the serial nature of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Episodes tend to blend together to a certain extent. This episode was about Doctor Sherman. A doctor mentioned on that mysterious list in the basement of the house. By the way I think that the nature of that list should have been clarified a little. I know it's not rocket science but the way it was done it feels like the list is never addressed. When precisely during Automatic For The People did that dying resistance fighter go and write that list anyway? Before he went and told everyone to stop Greenway before it was too late or after he'd died? The whole thing doesn't really compute, but hey perhaps it's something that will come more to light later.

So in order to get close to Doctor Sherman and discover the reason he's on the list they decide they need to go undercover as patients. However John finds that he can actually use the therapy and I agree with him. He's got a hell of a lot of pressure on him. He's supposed to be this big important person after Judgment Day except he feels like he can't become that person because there's so much pressure to stay hidden, to stay under the radar, to avoid anything that could lead to any danger. Plus the way he's lived his life thus far. Always running, always being chased by machines and FBI and everything. I would imagine that that can fuck you up a bit. And then we have the unresolved nature of Sarkissian's death from Samson and Delilah (it turns out that John killed him and was very good at it by the way). It all adds up to John having a tough time.

An old flame of Derek's turns up. She's apparently gone AWOL from the future (that's a good trick if you can manage it) and she wants Derek to some up with inventive new words for having sex. I like her. She's a bit of an enigma at the moment, plus also in that scene where they were pulling each other's clothes off. Well she's pretty hot. I wouldn't mind seeing more of her if you know what I mean, which is of course I wouldn't mind seeing her have more screentime and I don't know why you'd think I meant anything else. She hides a bunch of photos of Derek and John under the bed when Derek goes to grab her a snack and presumably a nice new synonym for making love. I'm thinking that she's either a) one of those infiltrator terminators like Cameron b) she's doing some off-book reconnaisance work for John or c) she's an avid photographer and Derek and John just happened to be walking in lots of scenic places that she wanted to take photographs of. I'm personally going for option b because if she was a terminator then she would have gone straight into kill mode the moment she saw John.

That crazy T-1001 that's taken the place of Katherine Weaver is having a hard time taking care of her daughter Savannah. I don't know what's going on with that Katherine Weaver by the way. She's clearly one of them and she's building the foundations for SkyNet but she seems completely clueless when it comes to other Terminator units. I suppose she could be lying but I really can't see the motivation of getting Agent Ellision, I mean Ellison (Agent Ellision is an FBI agent who specialises in leaving out vowel sounds when he speaks). Anyway she goes to Doctor Sherman to learn how to communicate with her child and also to get him to have a look at the Turk which is behaving like a child. This leads me to my next point. That red haired terminator that was on it's way to kill Doctor Sherman. What if it was one of the good terminators that John has reprogrammed. Sure Sherman could be a good guy who needs protecting but he also could be a bad guy who needs termination because he helps Katherine Weaver teach The Turk how to become SkyNet. The other thing that makes me say this is that both Cameron and that red haired Terminator didn't fight when they were in front of other people. Most terminators wouldn't much mind who got in the way so long as the job gets done. This leads me to believe that she's had similar reprogramming to Cameron. Of course this doesn't explained why they beat on each other until one of them died without even exchanging pleasantries like 'hi, I'm working for the good guys' or something. On the plus side Cameron totally pwned that red haired terminator. It can't have been that advanced a model to get all twisted up like that.

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