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Merlin 1x07 - Gates of Avalon - Review

Posted on 2008.11.02 at 16:14
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I think Gaius made something of a misstep this week. I'm not suggesting that we put Morgana's seer abilities on the Camelot Newsletter but he should at least have let her know that she has the gift. She's smart enough not to march up to Uther and say "Hey look here Kingie, I can see the future now whattaya think of that?" I think that Morgana knew what she dreams about could come true then it would help them fight the forces of evil and all that.

Anyway this was a good episode despite Gaius' overprotectiveness of the truth. Arthur falls in love with some woman who isn't in fact a woman but a magical fairy called a Shi trapped inside the body of a woman. And he doesn't exactly fall in love with her. Instead it's more like she places a magical enchantment of some kind on him so that he would do anything for her. So it's up to Merlin to save the day. The best bit in this episode was Merlin using the woman-who-isn't-a-woman's father's staff to blow them up to peices. I watched it and I was like 'woah'. I knew Merlin's magic was powerful but now he's blowing people up. No wonder the king wanted it banned. Not that the banning of magic has actually achieved anything. All it's done is forced the evil magic users, those determined to use magic at any cost, underground and prevented those who use their magics for good from using it to effectively fight back against them. In short Uther is an idiot. A well-meaning idiot granted but an idiot nonetheless.

Anyway this was a good episode. I liked how excited Gaius was about Merlin seeing Avalon and how disinterested Merlin was in the whole subject of the place you see before you die or whatever. I would have loved it had Merlin responded to Gaius' question of how it looked by saying 'blue and shiny'. The afterlife is blue and shiny. Brilliant. Of course you realise what I'm doing now is enjoying my own imagination more than I enjoyed the episode. Not a good sign. If I enjoy my imagination this much why don't I use it to write a novel for the National Novel Writing Month? That's what I want to know.

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