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Some Thoughts on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Posted on 2008.11.01 at 00:00
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Okay so I know that it's now literally ten minutes away from November. A month when ideally all the words I have to contribute to the world should be shackled down in my novel instead. But putting all that aside for just a couple of minutes I kind of want to say just a couple of things about Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Nice things mainly but strange things in at least one instance. Plus I've watched so many episodes in the last couple of days, it'd be impractical to do a review on each one of them.

The series is good so far. I've just watched Samson and Deliliah the first episode of the second season. There's that new woman who runs a business and is a Terminator and is also the lead singer from the band Garbage. Well I know they had to demonstrate that she was a Terminator and that she was one of those Terminators that go all liquidy but come on. Can they not have found a better way to demonstrate this than having her disguised as a urinal. What's the point in disguising yourself as a urinal. Okay it does kind of strike fear into your victim when suddenly the urinal has turned into a woman who is about to kill him but imagine in the dignity of going and disguising yourself as a urinal. What if he went to a different urinal? What if someone else wanted to use the urinal you're disguised as. The factors are endless. The whole thing is impractical. Just wait for him in his office and stab him in the head with your extendo-finger there.

Anyway that nitpick out of the way I just want to make a comment about the first episode from the first series (I know I'm getting in a bit late with this observation and it's probably been done before. In fact if it hasn't been done yet considering all the time in which people have had to make this observation then the universe is probably broken). Anyway time travelling removes all your clothes because fabrics and things can't come through. Therefore it is rather unfortunate for young John Connor who is travelling with his mother (that'd be awkward at the best of times) and Summer Glau. The Summer Glau thing is great but not when your mother is nearby. And naked. Blimey, talk about awkward! I think that may potentially be the most awkward situation imaginable.
Anyway so that's it. NaNoWriMo is a scant two minutes away and I need to prepare to at least make a start on my novel before I get some sleep. Hopefully I'll still be writing things on here every now and again. Good luck everyone.

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