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Russell Brand Versus The BBC

Posted on 2008.10.31 at 14:06
I don't usually comment on the big important issues of the day. In fact I don't usually comment on any news items at all, unless they prove to be lesbian related which isn't the case with most news items. However the big news story (and I do mean BIG news story) that has been dominating the headlines this week is one that I do have an opinion about and which I will gladly comment on.

Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross made a couple of stupid prank phone calls to Andrew Sachs (Manuel from Fawlty Towers) saying that Russell had slept with his granddaughter Georgina Bailie (which by the way is a fact). Okay it's a silly thing to do. But as stupid or as silly as it has been the thing that has been sillier and stupider is the reaction.

1. Two people complained, until the media whipped it up into the media frenzy it had become. After the actual broadcast went out just two people complained. So what about all the other twenty nine thousand nine hundred and ninety eight? Were they all offended but didn't realise it until almost three weeks later?
2. Georgina Bailie, who is incidentally a member of a burlesque dance troupe named "Satanic Sluts", is outraged that her grandfather might find out that she's been having sex one minute and the next minute she's in the newspaper attempting to milk the story for as much as money and publicity as can possibly be squeezed from it.
3. Andrew Sachs has not shown any inclination that he is bothered by the entire debacle and every interview and quote from him so far has just indicates that he's graciously accepted Russell's apology. He's not an idiot. If he can be enough of a grown up to realise that it was just a phone call that went slightly awry then I would hope that the rest of the country could just leave it alone.

There are lots of arguments flying around why this is ridiculous or why Russell's prank phone call is "the end of the world as we know it" but just for a second consider an answering machine. Should I recieve a message on my answering machine (I don't have one but lets pretend) that I don't like, or am offended by, I should imagine that I would press forward to the next message and carry on with my life.
Even if Russell was some diabolical genius attempting to ruin Andrew Sach's life by a coordinated barrage of evil and disgusting phone calls I would imagine Andrew Sachs has more than enough good sense to just press next and get on with his life. I think the country should as well.


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