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Supernatural - Castiel

Supernatural 4x07 - It's The Giant Pumpkin, Sam Winchester - Review

Posted on 2008.10.31 at 11:59
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To be honest I was expecting more Halloween themed episodes of things this week. I've never watched programs as they first air in America before. Being from England we typically get Halloween themed episodes turning up around Christmas or, if we're particuarly out of the loop, Easter. Anyway I suppose there's a week where it's Halloween and TV shows are airing every year. I don't know why the fact that I was watching this year would have made any difference to the number of shows with Halloween themed episodes.


This was a good episode. It didn't contain nearly as many giant pumpkins as I thought it was going to but it was good. I love it when the season dictates the nature of attacks. Like people getting killed by the 'evil Santa' in the Christmas one from last year. The scene with the razorblades in the sweet was particuarly disturbing and if I had been eating some kind of tasty snack I feel I may have needed to put it down while that was dealt with. The apple bobbing wasn't nearly as distressing because I don't go apple bobbing. It looks hard, plus you could drown... if you were attacked by an evil witch you could at any rate. She could boil your face right off. Up to this point the episode cruises along but it's when they get back to see the angels that things start to get interesting. Castiel and the new angel Uriah have orders to destroy the town and everyone in it so they can be sure that the summoning of superdemon Samhain doesn't go through. Sam and Dean aren't in favour of mass genocide and decide to stop the evil on their own. They arrive to find the evil teacher about to sacrifice the cheerleader. Or should I say the evil cheerleader. Bad things happen and Samhain is on the loose. Sam wants to use his powers and I'm in favour of it because Sam with powers is awesome. The whole thing is a bit tricky morally though. They are demon powers and using them is well it's demonic. It's dangerous and not a very good idea. However in an absolute crisis when no other options prevent themselves isn't it better to use a slightly dangerous power than to just let yourself get killed? When Dean stood at the end of the corridor and saw Sam trying to hold him off I really wanted Dean to rush down and grab the knife or something. Not just to stand there. I mean sure Sammy's using his powers which he just promised not to use but, circumstances! Look at that demonic thing coming right for him. Maybe you could help him out eh? Speaking of people who could have helped out but didn't what were Castiel and Uriah doing through all this? Waxing lyrical on whether it is right or wrong to destroy an entire town. Sure they aren't omniscient but surely once Sam and Dean had found the bad guy they could have gone and lent a hand. By the way Dean fighting off zombies and ghosts was awesome. I kind of wanted more cuts back to him and every time he'd be fighting off some horror from previous episodes. Like he could be fighting off one of those daeva or a changeling or a wendigo or something. Not anything in detail just little jump cuts. It would have been awesome to think of Dean battling his way through the backcatalogue of monsters while Sam Winchester and Samhain faced off (that one sounds better when said out loud) to see who the superior Sam is.

I'm not sure what to make of these angels. Castiel appears to have had a change of heart and now appears to be, if not in the Winchester camp, then at least on his way to it. Uriah on the other hand seems like one of those 'God's will is unquestionable and I will stab you in the face now' types. At the start I could see Castiel being the Big Bad of the season but now I think that role is probably reserved for Uriah. He doesn't seem like the type to take any nonsense. Plus he's already threatened to dust Sam should the situation change. In the whole war against Hell business at the moment it's Heaven versus Hell with Sam and Dean on Heaven's side. Naturally. I think it might all change. I think it might be Heaven versus Hell versus Team Winchester (Team Winchester at that point consisting of Sam and Dean (obv), Castiel and Ruby. Oh and Bobby of course). Either way this episode gets a big old thumbs up. Except since it's Halloween I guess it should be like talons up or mandibles up or something. Who cares? Not me for one.

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