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Buffy - Willow and Tara

Dirty Sexy Money 2x04 - The Silence - Review

Posted on 2008.10.30 at 14:15
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Blimey! Half way through when Tripp had a heart attack I was convinced that that would be the fade out end of the episode. Because they usually are when people have a heart attack. Someone's collapsed? Call it a day, we'll see you next week. Tension! Drama! Cliffhanger! Anyway the other thought that was going through my head when Tripp had a heart attack is "he's so manipulative and sneaky, I bet he's just pretending to have a heart attack" and I'm rather surprised that he wasn't in fact faking his heart attack. It means we might have to muster up some kind of sympathy for him for next week which might just be more than I can handle.

I knew that Brian Junior planehopping his way to New York would be sure to cause trouble but to be fair that's hardly an insight at all. I liked how Brian claimed that his son's mother (whatever her damn name is) was such a bad mother that it forced Brian Junior to hire a lawyer. Plus I liked the possible beginnings to a resolution between them. I also liked the fact that the resolution seemed to come from finally having had enough of arguing with one another rather than a massive event that changed their entire perspective. Oh actually Brian Junior ran away because he was sick of them arguing. Do you think that counts as a massive event that changed their entire perspective. Damn! It might just be me but I think it would be nice for a massive change in a relationship to come out of sheer boredom rather than a big event. It would certainly be different.

Then there was Patrick and Carmelita. He wanted to tell the world about her but Tripp was adamant that it was not a good idea. Bizarrely enough this is the second week in a row that I've agreed with Tripp. However I think that if I was in his positions I'd stop trying to exert my authority over him and let him make his own mistakes. Otherwise how would he ever trust anything I had to say? I think Tripp isn't inherantly evil or bad, he's just inherantly practical and refuses to lose once he's set his mind on something no matter what he has to resort to. Anyway he decides to tell Carmelita all about Ellen's death in order to drive her away and to pay off Ellen's brother in order to stop him from voicing his suspicions about Ellen's death. Something which Nick helps him with. I'm becoming rather concerned for Nick lately. He appears to be doing precisely what Tripp wants him to and when it comes to broadcasting news to Karen he appears to be doing precisely what Simon Elder wants him to do but more on that later. He needs to stand up on his own two feet and make a decision for himself but he's become so embroiled now in the Darling family. I just hope that it doesn't rub off on him.

Jeremy uses his connections with Nola (what kind of a name is Nola?) to get Letitia an exemption from her house arrest in order to attend the election party for Patrick and thanks to a couple of little hints Nick has managed to figure out that Jeremy is having a "forbidden" relationship with Nola (I asked her her name and in a dark brown voice she said Nola. N O L A. Nola?). This is sure to be good news for Nick as I think this means he can have Nola (Always Noca Nola?) taken off the case against Letitia. Which isn't likely to be good news for Jeremy next week. I like Lucy Liu, I really do, but giving her a name like Nola means I'm going to be unable to talk about her character seriously and I want to talk about her character seriously. She's hot, plus there was a scene in the shower which was also good. Anyway the whole thing with Nick taking Jeremy's phone at the end of the episode made me slightly concerned now that I think about the scene in couple's therapy. I'm not 100% on the sequence of events but Lisa mentioned that she'd got the gallery on her own and Nick seemed surprised and then the phone rang from Jeremy. As much as I don't like to think that about him I think Nick could be learning from Tripp and seeing how Lisa reacts to Jeremy's phone call to try and discern whether or not she's gone into business with him. Or it could be a continuity error. One or the other.

Then there's Karen and Simon Elder. I guess that finally clears up the issue of whether or not we can trust Simon Elder. But personally had I been Nick I would have taken a hidden tape recorder into that meeting he had with Simon. He should have known that Karen would never believe a word that he said, Simon knew. Then again I guess you can't tape every conversation you have. There isn't enough tape in the world.

And finally there's Nick and Lisa. I think Nick was being too harsh personally but I'm not sure whether that justifies Lisa to go behind his back and buy the gallery with Jeremy. I think she probably should have let him know in no uncertain terms that she's going to do whatever it takes to get that gallery because he certainly doesn't back down when it comes to getting what he wants professionally. Keeping it secret is only going to make it worse when the secret is eventually unveiled. After all as their couple's therapist woman says the most important thing is trust. And that said I'm going to attempt to do a cheesy link out to my opinion of the overall episode. Here we go, this is rather cheesy so prepare yourself. Speaking of trust, I trust you'd like to know my opinion of the overall episode, well here it is (see I told you it was cheesy). I think the overall episode was good and I salute it with a handful of upwards thumbs. Except I don't because that's strange and uncomfortable.

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