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Lost - Desmond

Fringe 1x06 - The Cure - Review

Posted on 2008.10.30 at 11:38
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So okay it's normally my policy not to review things which haven't just been aired but I've got an hour to kill and I've just caught up with Fringe so I thought I'd review it for a little while. I didn't expect there to be all this fuss about it. Honestly the outcry to this review is out disproportionate to my actions that I thought for a second I was Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross and I was making a comedy phone call to Andrew Sachs. There you go. There's some cutting edge, up to the date, political satire of the highly controversial kind. Can I get on with my review now? Yes? Good. Okay.

So I haven't really talked about Fringe before. I saw the pilot back when it was first "leaked" onto the internet and I kind of forgot about it again until yesterday when having gotten up to date with Bones I decided that I could also get up to date with Fringe. And I'm glad that I did. While I enjoyed the first episode at the time it suffers from being the first episode of something. First episodes are never as good as later episodes but I get the feeling I've already gone over this point recently? No. I guess perhaps I'm going to go over this point in the near future so I'll shut up about it now and let future me talk about it. Yes? No? I know lets pretend that paragraph didn't happen.

So Fringe. It's already evolved massively from it's pilot episode. Although it does seem to be developing something of a theme and that theme hasn't escaped the notice of Peter. He notes that this appears to be another one of those cases where someone has been experimented on to make them dangerous. Like in Power Hungry and erm... okay just in Power Hungry. But if you wanted to stretch the meaning of dangerous till it meant 'not dangerous at all' then you could say that the man from The Ghost Network counts as well. Either way people are getting experimented on a lot. In this one someone who had an uncurable disease teamed up with a group of other people all with the same uncurable disease and developed a cure for said uncurable disease. Then bad guys kidnapped her and manipulated the cure for the disease to kill her and everyone near her with a massive burst of radiation. Aside from the main action it was Olivia's birthday in this one and she related a story to Peter about how when she was a young child she stood up to her father and shot him twice (oh and he was a bad guy who was abusing her mother, she wasn't just in a homicidal mood and her father happened to be nearby). He was admitted to hospital and the doctors said that his death was inevitable. However his death wasn't quite as inevitable as it seemed. He recovered and then stole away into the night. The only reminder of him is the cards he sends to Olivia on her birthday. I like this storyline, even with the obvious "Olivia's father came back from the brink of death when he wasn't supposed to, he must be part of The Pattern" overtones. Actually that's why I like it. It seems like all of the main characters have some part of The Pattern in their lives. Walter and Peter were saved by The Observer (not the newspaper) whom I love. And Olivia's evil father was miraculously cured from near death. I'm betting that that card he sent Olivia is not the last we're going to see of her evil father. Not by a long way.
Also making a deal with Nina Sharp is like making a deal with the devil. Only there's less likely to be a good side in it for you. In short I don't trust her, but that's to be expected isn't it? My interest has been piqued regarding the whole she's going to ask Peter for a favour and he has to oblige her storyline. Although I don't expect to see that bearing fruit until much later in the season. All around it was a good episode with some intrigue and more experiments done on people. I give it the thumbs up and since I don't have an icon to represent Fringe how about this one of Desmond from Lost looking a bit confused. That's close enough isn't it?

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