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Pushing Daisies - Emerson Cod

Pushing Daisies 2x05 - Dim Sum, Lose Sum - Review

Posted on 2008.10.30 at 09:57
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Wow. I know that I said that last weeks episode was good, well I still think it was good if a little hard to follow. This episode managed to cram even more goings on into the episode but without making the plot too difficult to follow. The only difficulty I had with this episode was when Chuck and Olive dressed up as waitresses at the Dim Sum restaurant and I got all confused as to who was who and if they were even who I thought they were (for one fleeting second I thought it was Lily and Vivian). It was an exceptional episode though. I really enjoyed seeing the return of Simone from the first season. I think she's probably a good match for Emerson. I also really enjoyed the "this was the first time the private investigator had ever been ordered to..." "come". That was a great line that caught me a little off balance. I wasn't really expecting to hear that from the show. I guess the bright colours and fanciful storylines sometimes make me forget that it's a proper grown up show for adults. Thumbs up, most definately. In fact thumbs up for the whole banter between Simone and Emerson. I'm really starting to like her and her directness. Especially the stumbling into the restaurant without noticing the armed gangsters holding the group hostage. I definately want her to become a regular character.
Aside from Simone and the Dim Sum gambling joint (loving the food poker by the way) there was also the storyline where Ned (why doesn't he have a second name?) was contacted by a "friend" of his parents who was looking to "catch up" with his father (by the way, I loved the phrase "piss-jitters" and Ned's extreme rationale for mention of his mother). Chuck convinces him to help the man (Dwight) seek out his father and Ned gives her the last known address of his father. Chuck and Olive go there undercover to find a pair of magically inclined twins named Ralstin and Maurice (by the way love Olive's reaction to twins). Eventually Ned realises that just because he knows his father's actions it doesn't mean he knows his father's motivations. He decides to seek out "Marcucio and Rybald" and they by way of saying hello give him a massive hug. Then we find out that perhaps Dwight isn't the all round good guy friend of Ned's parents we had previously believed him to be. It's all good from where I'm standing. Simone, Ralstin and Maurice, Dwight. All new exciting and interesting characters who I'm sure we will find out more about as the season progresses. I love Pushing Daisies as it normally is and this episode was even better. So I guess I love it even more. A most definate thumbs up for this episode.

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