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House 5x06 - Joy - Review

Posted on 2008.10.29 at 13:38
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So first things first, or should I say last things first. House and Cuddy! I love it! I have been wanting a little House and Cuddy togetherness since I started watching the show. Which isn't that long ago but I've still wanted it. The only concern I have with it was House's swift exit afterwards. That's not a good sign. But then again this is House. He probably needs to go and consult Wilson, and then probably Cameron and Foreman and Chase. Maybe even Thirteen and Kutner and Taub, but only if they happen to overhear the news and feel like they want to put their two cents in. I'm so excited for next week. I'm confidant that after he's been advised from all of his confidantes that he'll get back together with Cuddy so you know. Good times for everyone.

Todays episode was a strange one because the scene at the start led me down the garden path so to speak. Not the very start scene but the one where House is placing bets on the whiteboard. The <7, 7-14 and >14 categories led me to a very distinct conclusion but I suspect that was rather the point. The point being that we were supposed to think that the birth itself would be happening in two weeks time (two episodes time (added for my own clarification because two episodes usually equates to two hours)). However it turned different than I was expecting and given the ending of the episode I'm rather glad it turned out that way. But I've already covered the whole House and Cuddy kissed (!) section of the review.
The Patient of the Week was good and I said from an early scene that the lack of emotion was a symptom. I can't believe it took House that long to pick up on it. He's normally good at these things. Someone's too nice? It's a symptom. Someone's too beautiful? It's a symptom. Of course he didn't pick up on the second one but he's had a lot of experience with people where seemingly irrelevant personality traits or physical attributes are symptoms. You think he'd pick up on it.

Episode highlights were "skutner" and Wilson's "I've just told you the answer haven't I? And you're going to walk out without saying a word?" At least Wilson is aware of how the show works by now. It was a good episode and it gets thumbs up all round. Plus Thirteen's relaxed attitude to drugs. A definate thumbs up for that.

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