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Chuck - Anna Wu 2

Chuck 2x05 - Chuck Versus Tom Sawyer - Review

Posted on 2008.10.28 at 16:42
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Hey look it's a Jeff-centric episode. This is very good news. Even if it isn't an Anna-centric episode, which it quite plainly is not, then it gives hope to the possibility of such an episode. I'm still hoping against hope that Anna's going to get recruited to be a spy. It isn't looking as incredibly likely anymore, but I'm hopeful. It could start off with Chuck working late at the Buy More for some reason and then he gets attacked by some villains and you know he's doing his best to fend them off. Anna who is also working late for some reason sees Chuck getting attacked and knocks them out. Chuck bluffs that they were some people he owed money to or something. Sarah and Casey stumble onto the scene whereupon Chuck overarticulates his 'people I owed money to' cover story. Later Casey mentions that he still wants to test Anna and see how she'd do as a spy and then it goes from there. The episode would probably be told mainly from Anna's perspective (and would be called Anna Versus The Whatever). She wouldn't even have to find out about Chuck being the intersect. Just about Casey and Sarah. At the end of the episode she could be too violent against a suspect or something and tell her that she can't be a spy because of it. Then force her to sign non-disclosure documents or whatever and the very last bit of the episode would probably involve Chuck asking her where she's been or something and she responds 'you wouldn't believe me if I told you'. It'd be a brilliant episode. Unfortunately it's unlikely to happen in any place that isn't my imagination. Anyway I have the distinct feeling I was supposed to be doing something. What was it? Oh that's right. A review!

I liked this episode, and not just for Anna in a hula skirt (although I just know I'm going to need an icon of that, or at the very least a picture of it for my own personal enjoyment. ahem). It was a clever way of putting another character into the spotlight (although my way is pretty clever as well (okay I'm going to shut up about Anna now, I promise. For serious)) and providing us with some background on Jeff. Although I could just tell that it was going to have to be Chuck who beat Missile Command eventually (it was one of those plot twists that aren't so much twists as plot curves, or plot bends perhaps) but it was still good. There was plenty of excitement and well it was just good. I especially liked how Sarah got his diploma for him and the scene thereafter where they're watching the satellite burn up. It's little scenes like that that make me like Chuck/Sarah (rather full episodes about past loves who are better spies than Chuck). All in all good episode, could have stood a little more Casey, but I think that about every episode, and I give it the official seal of approval (by the way I know I've been giving out this seal of approval for a couple of reviews now. I have no idea what it is and in future if you see me attempting to give it out feel free to stop me and tell me than my official seal of approval is not a real thing and has no real meaning and I shouldn't go giving out imaginary seals of approval) and seven thumbs up.

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