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Heroes - Elle Bishop

Heroes 3x07 - Eris Quod Sum - Review

Posted on 2008.10.28 at 11:04
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Blimey! Every week the complicatedometer gets turned up another notch. I get the feeling that it's gone all the way up to eleven now. It's not necessarily a bad thing but it does make it a little tough to keep up with all the unravelling plots. Plus there's all the deception and the not knowing who you can trust and all that. I suppose I really should make a decision as to who I can trust then I don't have to sit there all episode pondering who is trustworthy and who isn't. Heroes nowadays definately isn't a program for someone who just wants to stop having to think about things for an hour. If you're that kind of a person I suggest you try drugs instead. They're supposedly very good at getting people out of their heads. This is now a program for people who like to construct elaborate theories.

First things first before I start going through the characters discussing them individually I have a couple of major observations to make.
2. Lesbian Subtext for Claire and Elle! Yay!

So Hiro and Ando are now working with Isaac Mk. 2 and he wants them to travel back in time to find the weaknesses of all the villains. Sounds like a good plan but Hiro never travels back in time any more (unless it's necessary to save Ando from being stabbed to death (I wonder what happened to that sword that Hiro left lying around amongst the prop swords in that prophouse. It was very carelessly disposed of and I hope nobody gets killed because of it. Hiro has enough of a problem with travelling back in time as it is)). So Isaac Mk. 2 cooks up some of his lovely dung paste and sends Hiro off on a spirit walk. Not much in the way of plot development there except we get to find out that Isaac Mk. 2 doesn't take kindly to people not doing what they are supposed to do. I wonder what Hiro's spirit animal is going to be.

Next up is Mohinder. I guess he's fed up of being secretive spider Mohinder now because he goes straight off to be mad-scientist-Mohinder-now-with-freakish-scaly-arm. I still like Mohinder even though he has gone insane and started doing crazy experiments on people. I'm not sure what experiments he was doing exactly though. He wanted to get rid of Maya's powers apparently (I still say that Sylar should have eaten her brains or whatever it is that he actually does) and that's what the experiments were geared up to do. This is a bit weird because how is he experimenting on random people to find a way to get rid of powers. Surely he needs to do experiments like that on people who have powers. Like Tracey and Nathan of course. Do you think he's been giving the people he's captured and webbed powers so that he can then try and get rid of the powers he gave them. If so I'd like to see that actually being followed up on at the company with Noah and Meredith. By the way why does Meredith have to light a fire every time she enters a room. Fine she can light things on fire we know. Elle doesn't zap something with electricity every time she enters a room. Find something for Meredith to light on fire or just forget about the whole lighting things on fire thing. Why not make her smoke cigarettes, yeah I know it's not big or clever to smoke, whatever. But it would provide a halfway reasonable reason for her to be setting things on fire all the time. Anyway what was I talking about? Oh right, Mohinder. I think he's aligned himself with Pinehearst now. In the future he helps Past Peter only because he finally comes to the realisation that he was wrong. I wonder why I like characters that are on a path of self-destruction? Meh actually who cares. Lets get on with this review.

Next up is Peter. I can't believe they've stolen all of Peter's powers forever. That's unfair. I like Peter and I hope he gets at least a power back. Otherwise he'll be about as useful as Nathan. Nathan was funny at the end. I know he was supposed to be intimidating but seriously he was just amusing. He would have been slightly more threatening when he threatened to kick down doors if his power wasn't almost completely useless in every situation that doesn't require immediate retreat. Nathan is about to get his ass handed to him, or he would be if he didn't have Tracey looking after him. Anyway the point was that Peter deserves to get his powers back. He breaks free of the handcuffs and ineffectually attempts to attack his father before getting tied down again and almost experimented on before he's saved by Sylar. He flees, but not far enough, he goes back to rescue Sylar (if rescue is the right word) and Sylar lobs him out of a window. Then everyone on the planet makes a big deal about how come he didn't die when he fell so far. Seriously. I got the hint. Someone saved him, probably Sylar (but not ruling out some mysterious person with the power to save people who are falling long distances (that'd be a pretty lame power but whatever)). Then Claire takes him off somewhere and they talk to Nathan and Nathan wants to go and kick doors down. I kind of wish Mohinder had had time to inject him with that formula. Then we could all be trying to guess what crazy new power Peter might have but since he didn't then I don't think there's much else to say about Peter for the time being.

Nathan and Tracey have a look at the webbed people and call Noah and Meredith (who lets not forget can set things on fire but probably never will). I'm hoping that those webbed people all have powers now. It'd be awesome if the one that Tracey tried to free had a strangulation power. Anyway Noah and Meredith take the webbed people away and Nathan and Tracey go to visit Peter and Claire. Nathan is a good character, unfortunately his strength doesn't lie in his power. His strength lies in his personality. Neither of which are really going to help him kick doors down. Hopefully Tracey is going to be there to help him and she isn't going to get seduced by the dark side (I'm still hoping that the woman in Angela's dream was Barbara). Personally I reckon that Arthur could steal Nathan's power and it wouldn't make much of a difference. When does he use it really? And how exactly would it help in the fight against evil?

Claire comes back home from fighting Eric Doyle (since I've just been watching the first season of Angel there was a few seconds of confusion after she referred to him as Doyle but nevermind) and the lights are all flickery and Lyle is on the floor. For a moment there I was like 'wow! Lyle has a power! Maybe he's not such a useless background character after all' then he says 'The Bitch is Back' and it all becomes clear (by the way although Lyle does plummet back down to the status of useless background character (even throwing water on Elle can't cure that) he does get a couple of points for referencing the last episode of Veronica Mars in reference to Elle). Elle's in pretty bad shape. She's lost control of her electricity and keeps hurting herself. She can't sleep or eat without losing control. She definately shouldn't board a plane... ahem. Anyway she's considering going to Pinehearst as they've promised to help her but she wanted to clear it with Noah first (that actually sounds like a good idea). Then Claire starts bitching that she can't feel pain (Whinge whinge, I can't feel the pain of being shot or electricuted or anything. Woe is me). I was sympathetic to her the first time she mentioned it but I've now completely lost patience with that storyline. Not feeling pain is an advantage when it comes to Claire. Back in the days when she could feel pain it kind of negates the ability. Yes I can't die but I can feel excruiating pain which would be enough to debilitate me. Not feeling pain is the next natural step in the progression of her power. Like how Matt can now make people do things or see things that aren't real. Anyway I now officially want Elle and Claire to get together. The scene on the plain was too full of lesbian overtones and undertones and even sidewaystones for them to not get together.

Next up Daphne is told to kill Matt because she put him off from joining the bad guys. Maury objects because well you would and he gets killed. Boo! First Adam, now Maury! Why are all the best villains dying? Anyway Daphne goes to kill Matt and then she can't. Then Knox turns up and kills them both. Oh no wait he didn't kill anyone. I guess I should really have seen that bit coming up but I was so busy trying to keep up with this week's fast paced episode that I didn't. Instead I thought that this whole episode might prove to be a dream for about five seconds. Anyway the real twist in the tale of the Daphne and Matt story is that Daphne is still working for Arthur and she's looking to manipulate Matt. Now there's a turn up for the books. I don't know about you but the one person I wouldn't go attempting to manipulate is someone who can read my mind. It makes it kind of difficult when you have to lie to someone not only in word and action but also in thought. Lets just say I wouldn't like to be in her shoes right now. Even if she can run incredibly fast.

Next up, and I think we're progressing to and finally here, is Sylar. He's in a chemical induced coma or something and then Angela appears in a dream he's having (I'm going to say that she uses a power she stole/copied/whatevered from Charles Deveaux in which she can interact with people via their dreams) and tells him that he should go and save Peter. I also think we might need to reclassify Sylar's power to 'having complete control of his brain' as this is the only way I can come up with in which he's able to just stop the coma chemicals from affecting him. Anyway he goes and saves Peter then Arthur apparently convinces him that Angela is evil and tried to kill him when he was a child (I believe that second bit for sure). Then Sylar throws Peter out of the building (oh my god how did he survive that high of a fall if he didn't have healing powers?!) and appears to be working for Arthur now (although he could be just pretending to work for Arthur to get close enough to find his weakness, who knows any more?).

Anyway the big final thing to consider is Arthur Versus Angela. Who is really the bad guy? And to that question I say. Both are the bad guy. They're both trying to destroy the world just in different ways. I wouldn't trust either of them further than I could throw them. In fact I'm never trusting anyone on Heroes ever again. Except Hiro because he could never turn evil. Ever. (Fingers crossed.) All in all it was a good episode and I'm enjoying the fast paced nature of this season but I think they could stand to dial down the complicated just a bit and it would still be just as good as ever. Thumbs up though. Thumbs up all the way to eleven!


adinarj at 2008-10-29 01:23 (UTC) (Link)
If Maury's dead, I guess that mens the end of Linderman as well. Again. Bye, Malcolm. You were fun.
cube_166 at 2008-10-29 09:33 (UTC) (Link)
Oh no! You're right! Why do they keep killing off all the old characters? For once I hope Claude doesn't show up.
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