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No Face

Bones 3x15 - The Pain In The Heart - Review

Posted on 2008.10.27 at 23:48
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I hate Bones so much right now. How could they do that to Zack. How? Seriously?! Zack is one of my favourite characters (although I do feel kind of fond of Sweets now for some reason), it's so unfair and so cruel that the writers could write such a horrible fate for him. I'm a writer and sometimes I have to write pretty unpleasant twists to befall characters (or I would if I ever managed to continuously write a book for more than five pages) but I'd never be so callous and cruel as to turn one of the funniest and nicest characters into a killer for no logical reason. I could understand if it had been motivated by character development or something but it was out of the blue. It didn't possess any meaning. It was just designed to torment the viewer. The Pain in the Heart is right. This episode is a bloody pain in the heart.

Okay honestly I can, if I force myself to think objectively, kind of understand that it does sort of make sense for Zack. If I really force myself I can understand how this came about but I still hate it. Did they have to do quite so many horrible things to him. Have him kill someone. Have him betray everyone. Have him lose his hands. Lock him in a mental hospital. The show has a serious hatred against Zack and I think the show is just bullying him now. Next thing you know it'll be... erm... I was going to suggest more hateful things that the show could do to Zack but I don't believe there's anything worse that it could do to him. I'm going to go and cry now. Cry and pray that they don't decide to make Hodgkins a murderer for no apparent reason next season.

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