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Dexter Morgan

Dexter 3x05 – Turning Biminese – Review

Posted on 2008.10.27 at 14:41
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Before I started the episode I had no idea what Biminese means and I still have no idea. I suppose since Biminese sounds like a bizarre portmanteau of bi (meaning two) and Chinese then I’d assume that it refers to someone turning into two Chinese people. Or turning Chinese twice. Or something. Who knows what the hell that title is about? I think that in the distant future people are going to look back on that episode title and treat it like some kind of cryptic riddle from the past. Like it’s some kind of holy icon or something, kind of like we treat the Holy Grail. And because my intuition has been so good lately (more on that later) I’m betting that the hundred and fifth movie in the Indiana Jones franchise (it’ll go the way of James Bond) will be called Indiana Jones Turns Biminese. Or something. I’ve lost track of what I’m actually going on about now. The point is that the title doesn’t really explain much of what happened in the episode and I guess I’ve made that point now. I should probably move on before I start comparing the title to the Holy Grail and suggesting some weird things about Indiana Jones.

Okay so moving on now I’d rather like to focus on the last scene of the episode. About how Miguel Prado knew that Dexter killed that man on the cruise ship and about how he said that he was the same as Dexter. I hate to say it, but I knew it! I fucking knew it! Actually I don’t really hate to say it. I love to say it; if it were at all feasible I would now put on a parade to let everyone know that I knew it. I’ve been saying for ages that Prado is a killer (okay that he’s a killer is yet to be confirmed or denied but come on he’s such a killer) and that he’s going to be friends with Dex because of it. Prado was going to kill Freebo at Teegan’s house when he ran into Dexter. I’m betting he does this a lot. Kills someone who is a bad criminal and then manipulates the evidence so another bad criminal can go to prison for it. It’s a win win. He’s like Dexter. He recognises that not always can the law administer justice. He knows that sometimes people have to take justice into their own hands. Now that I think about it his brother Ramone is probably a killer as well. In fact he’s probably the one killing anyone associated with Freebo because he still thinks that Freebo is alive. Miguel was more than usually certain that Ramone would have responded favourably to the news that Dexter had killed Freebo. This is making more and more sense now. I was thinking that Miguel was going to turn on Dexter because he found out that Dexter accidentally killed his brother but now I’m thinking that Ramone is going to be the one who is going to turn on Dexter. It’s going to be a total serial killer war. I’d keep a close eye on Debs and Rita and the kids if I was Dexter. Ramone was probably the one watching Debs through the binoculars and he’s going to go after that kid next. He’ll find out one way or another that Dexter went to see Freebo the day that Oscar died and then he’ll attempt to take matters into his own hands. This is so perfect. If this doesn’t happen then there’s no justice in the world, not regular justice or Dexter enforced justice.

Seriously, wow. I loved this episode. There was a lot going on in this episode. Masuoka went more serious, Angel asked that pretend prostitute to dinner, Debs and that informant guy continue to have chemistry, and Rita almost lost the baby. It’s all good but in truth all I really want to talk about is that final scene. Miguel knows that Dex is a killer and if anything it’s going to bring them closer together. Actually, tell a lie, all I want to talk about is that final scene and rampant speculation about who this serial killer who cuts people’s skin off is. I don’t think it’s Miguel because while I do believe he’s a killer he isn’t so 100% keen on going after Freebo. He knows that Freebo is out of the picture. I think that it’s kind of got to be either Quinn because he’s a creep or Ramone. Ramone has the clearest motive and you know the serial killer thing could run in the family. I forget if Miguel has talked about any bad things that happened in his childhood but if he had then they probably would have happened to Ramone and Oscar as well. Perhaps this is why Oscar was hanging around with Freebo, because of the whole bad thing in his childhood thing. I tell you what, my explanation of events is starting to sound so accurate that if it isn’t the actual progression of events then I’m going to sue the makers of Dexter for getting it wrong.

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