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Chuck - Anna Wu 2

Best Dream Ever

Posted on 2008.10.26 at 07:39
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So last night I had the best dream ever. I can't remember most of it but when I woke up I immediately thought 'that was the best dream ever' and even though it's all very vague now I feel priveledged to have experienced the best dream ever. Here is a portion of the best dream ever (by the way this is the best dream ever by my convoluted mental standards, your mileage may vary): There was a circus ringmaster or something and there was two young baby twins or something. Anyway the ringmaster had them seperated one to stay in the circus and one to go and be a princess or something. Anyway the one who is now a princess when grown up she travels back in time and then travels back forwards and for some reason she's grown into a giant so she wants a fistfight with death only he's not available so she goes to the circus to have a fistfight with a spider-baby only there isn't one of them either. So she has a fight with her grown up sister (who isn't a giant) and then the ringmaster taunts her for being so cruel and reveals that it was all his evil scheme to get them to have a fight when they grew up. Then she calls him a dick. There isn't that the best dream ever? And that's only one of the many strands which were involved in the dream which I unfortunately can't remember now. I have a feeling that Spike from Buffy was in there somewhere doing something.

Anyway here's something to confuse you in the early morning. Staring at a pair of clocks and wondering what time it is because the clocks went back last night. The backwards one. The good one. So before I went to sleep I set my phone clock back an hour. But not my video clock because that seems to set itself back sometimes. So I wake up and look at the video clock. It says, for the sake of convenience, 5:00 AM. So I stare at it and try and figure out whether it's put itself back. Unable to figure it out I go and look at my phone clock. That should straighten it out yes? Well possibly, see because sometimes my phone clock has been known to put itself back as well so that could be an hour behind the actual time. So if it's the same time then it's simple enough but if it's an hour difference then either the phone is correct and the video hasn't changed or the video is correct and the phone has put itself back an extra hour out of sheer awkwardness. Luckily it was both the same but can you imagine trying to work that out first thing in the morning. I think the concept of time as we know it is a stupid artificial construction and should be abolished and replaced with a continuous series of nows, of moments which exist independant of labelling and artificial structure imposed on the universe. Then again how would I know when my programs were on if that was the case. Okay in that case time can stay but it's still stupid.

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