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Buffy - Spike 2

Merlin 1x06 - A Remedy To Cure All Ills - Review

Posted on 2008.10.25 at 23:15
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First things first: OMG! It's Mac! Off of Green Wing! And he's all disfigured! And second things second: OMG! Gaius is going to see the dragon! I thought it was a secret dragon! Ahem. Yes so this was a good episode that I wasn't half asleep through. This episode was all about Mac from Green Wing. His parents had been killed by Uther when he was a child and he's here seeking revenge. Once again I'm loving the complex morality on here. Mac was obviously evil because of his whole evil insects that crawl into people's brains and that kind of thing. But by the complex morality I'm referring to Uther. He had a lot of people killed just for using magic. Not for using magic to do bad things or anything that could be morally justified. He just had anyone who dared to use magic killed. That's like if I was king and I had anyone who drove a car killed. Sure magic can potentially be used as a weapon but so can knives and forks. Going to have everyone who uses a knife and fork killed? Uther is a complex character because on that side he's clearly an evil bigoted and despicable fascist dictator, but on the other hand he just wants what is good for his kingdom and apparently genocide is good for his kingdom. He's also a bit of a hypocrite. He's supposed to kill anyone who used magic but he let that Nimueh live just because she's Arthur's secret mother. In fact she probably jilted him somehow and he came to the conclusion that all magic users must therefore be evil and then set out on his great crusade to purge the world of people who use it. It was a good episode all round although personally I feel Gaius should have just gone straight to Uther. Who cares about him claiming that Merlin is a sorcerer. If Gaius has proof that Mac is a sorcerer and Mac just has 'I saw him do some magic, go on Merlin do some magic for us' then I think Gaius wins.

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