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Supernatural - Lilith

Supernatural 4x06 - Yellow Fever - Review

Posted on 2008.10.25 at 08:32
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This is a great episode. Dean contracts something called ghost sickness from handling part of a dead body that died because of it. Ghost sickness causes someone to become paranoid, nervous and eventually become so afraid that their heart gives out. This is absolutely priceless. Dean lying in the car too scared to go back to their room because it's four storeys up is brilliant. Dean's reaction to locker cat is brilliant, and the whole running away from the dog sequence at the start of the episode. There's nothing that isn't good about this episode. I especially liked it when Dean's scaredness took a turn from the more comedic and became about things he was worried about. About Sam becoming Old Yellow Eyes himself and about Lilith sending him back to Hell. Poor old Dean he's got a fair few issues to work through. And as if the episode wasn't enough there was a special surprise afterwards that was just brilliant. Overall I don't think there's anything contained within this episode or the ensuing outcry about it that could deter me from awarding it my official seal of approval.

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