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Angel - Lorne

Dirty Sexy Money 2x03 - The Star Witness - Review

Posted on 2008.10.24 at 09:48
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Bizarrely enough for once I find myself actually agreeing with that manipulative old bastard Tripp. Not in his methodology because it'll be a cold day in hell before I find myself agreeing with Tripp's methodology but with his point of view. Patrick wants to come clean about how his wife died. Normally I find telling the truth and all that is obviously the best way to go but in this circumstance everyone believes that she died in an accidental housefire rather than an accidental fall caused when she rushed to attack Patrick. Telling the truth at the time would have been a good idea but telling the truth this far afterwards is not. There is no benefit to telling the truth now. It'll end up destroying his career and incriminating him for her murder. It's a lose lose. Possibly a lose lose lose if you factor in how the children will feel upon finding out about it all.

Also happening this week was Jeremy and Nola (what kind of a name is Nola?) having arguments about being unable to flaunt their relationship outside of her house. Jeremy ultimately ends up hiring the band he so wanted to go and see with her to come and play within the four walls of her house. I like them as a couple but ultimately I'm sort of worried that Jeremy is playing a double agent for Tripp. Of course he could always be spying on her and really like her at the same time. Stranger things have happened, but not much stranger and not often.

Jeremy rushes off to Brazil to kidnap his son when he feels that his mother isn't taking good enough care of him (his son's mother that is. not his mother). Then he recants when he realises she's not out all night partying and taking drugs and all that. She's got a night job trying to make it on her own. He talks her into accepting his money and all is good with the world again. However unknown to him his son has snuck onto the plane travelling back to New York, which will really set the cat amongst the pigeons and possibly tear apart the understanding between the two parents which seems to have just about set in.

Karen is manipulating Simon Elder or being manipulated by Simon Elder or she and Simon Elder are manipulating one another. Who can tell? He wants to get married which is interesting. I wonder what his eventual endgame is. What he is attempting to accomplish with his incessant manipulation and twisting of the facts. I wouldn't be completely surprised if he and Nola (what kind of a name is Nola?) were working together. I reckon he's probably trying to tear the family apart and if so he may be on the right road to doing so.

Then finally Nick flies to France to see his mother who is the star witness in the case against Letitia. He gets very angry when she tells him that she had to leave him because she couldn't handle raising a child, which I feel is unfair. Then again my understanding of her point of view probably comes at least in part from my unwillingness to raise a child. Eventually they talk about why they think Letitia killed his father and while it does sound suspicious Nick has no problem instantly dismissing it as a coincidence and imploring his mother not to testify. I am still somewhat concerned that Nick is turning to the dark side. Or to the darling side. Which I suppose is one and the same thing. He appears to now be less concerned with discerning who killed his father and more concerned with protecting Letitia. Which is all well and good if someone else killed his father but if it was Letitia, of which there is a definate possibility, then it's... well put it this way, it's not all well and good.

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