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Pushing Daisies - Emerson Cod

Pushing Daisies 2x04 - Frescorts - Review

Posted on 2008.10.23 at 08:38
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Well last week I said that I wanted this week's episode to start with Young Emerson Cod and much to my surprise it does. I can only imagine what is going to happen next week. Young Lily and Vivian? Young Coroner? Only time will tell. Precisely one week's worth of time that is. As you can probably imagine, since my favourite character in Pushing Daisies is Emerson Cod, I really enjoyed this Emerson centric episode. There was however a lot going on in this episode and I may have to rewatch it in order to fully follow the plot. Ned, Chuck and Olive take something of a back seat in this episode but that isn't to say that nothing happens to them. In fact this episode has something of a resolution to their current living situation. It makes Ned realise that although he really wants Chuck to move back in he has to be able to cope on his own first. Actually now that I think about it wasn't Ned's problem that he was too self-reliant and had a hard time letting anybody else in. It just shows how much his character has changed and how reliant he has become on Chuck that he has to relearn to be able to be on his own. Chuck's now living with Olive. Which is something of a tumultuous relationship if ever I've seen one. The scene at the very end was one confused me to a greater or lesser extent. Okay I know Ned and Chuck have a special relationship with special contrivances and contraptions but I was taken aback by Chuck's sudden derobing. Contraptions aside surely that isn't going to make anyone feel any better if they are aware that they can never touch you? More of a tease than a thank you? But maybe that's just me.

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