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House 5x05 - Lucky Thirteen - Review

Posted on 2008.10.22 at 09:33
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It should come to no surprise to anybody who knows me or has experienced some of my journal that I was destined to love this episode. That no force on this Earth could prevent me from loving this episode. Actually I suppose there are some forces on this Earth that could prevent me from loving this episode but they are few and far between. Lucky Thirteen. From the outset it sounds like an episode about one of my favourite characters from House, namely Thirteen (although technically not namely because that's not her name but I digress). When it comes to lesbians House and me are one and the same, except I tend to think that lesbians romance is more romantic than regular romance and am more likely to become emotionally involved in it. Which actually I suppose makes me practically nothing like House. But we both like lesbians which was rather the point.
Thirteen is spiralling out of control; her reaction to the news that she's got Huntington's. While I'm glad she's got her job back I'm actually a little sad that her girlfriend, Spencer, isn't dying. They made such a nice couple and the whole 'race you' scene rather endeared me to them. I'm rather concerned for Thirteen now. If she does continue to spin out of control there is presumably more sexy lesbian adventures to be had, but I like her as a character and seeing her spiralling out of control makes me sad.

There was also the storyline with House following Wilson, thinking he's fallen in love with a prostitute (would be totally in character for Wilson) and then finding out that he was Cuddy's character reference for an adoption that she wants to have. I've not made my mind up yet aboput that. I think personally that House walked away in mid-sentence because he doesn't really want her to have an adoption. Because he secretly loves her and all of that. Personally I'm hoping for an episode where he has Lucas follow her around and check up on the people she's supposed to be adopting from before confronting her and convincing her that she doesn't want a child, she wants a healthy relationship with House. Then they kiss. Then Thirteen and Spencer kiss. Then Cameron joins in. Then I wake up. The end.

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