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Chuck - Anna Wu 2

Chuck 2x04 - Chuck Versus The Cougars - Review

Posted on 2008.10.22 at 05:18
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This was a very clever episode. Before this episode I hadn't really thought about Sarah's real life and past. Or if I had then I'd thought it wasn't really relevant to the story and dismissed it. This episode has convinced me that there's something both interesting and relevant in Sarah's past. Ironically it also convinces Chuck that there's nothing particuarly interesting in her past. Of course Chuck didn't see the last scene and he'd be significantly more interested if he had. Another thing that's good about this episode is that it isn't about Chuck trying to compete around a more experienced spy who Sarah shows affection for. As good as the last couple of episodes have been it's hard to know where Roan Montgomery ends and Bryce Larkin begins.
I was a little disappointed that this episode didn't feature Casey investigating Anna to become a potential spy. Even though I'm still well aware that it was a single line joke in the previous episode I how now convinced myself that Anna would not only be a good spy but a funny and valuable part of the team so I kind of hope they do come back to her eventually. Lester's subplot was good as well and I'm interested in seeing what happens next regarding the assistant manager position. My instinct says that Morgan, Anna and Jeff will all get a go at being assistant manager for a multi-episode arc and with hilarious results. All in all it was a good episode and I give it a barrage of thumbs up.

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