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Heroes - Future Claire Bennet

Heroes 3x06 - Dying of the Light - Review

Posted on 2008.10.21 at 06:39
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Yes! I called it! I knew Hiro wouldn't kill Ando! I absolutely knew it. Even down to the prop sword and the fake blood. Okay technically I didn't actually believe what I was writing and I was just grasping at straws in denial of the event but still. Anyway because I like to have a rigid structure to my reviews I'm going to move off the topic of Hiro and Ando and Isaac Mk 2 now and go through the characters.

So lets start with the ones of lesser interest first. Which is unusually tricky this week. How about Claire and her mother going off looking for Meredith who is being held captive by Eric Doyle. Who despite how good and creepy his power is loses points with me forever for having a marionette theatre. Oh yes I suppose it is a good analogue to his power because he takes control of people like puppets but that's just stupid. That's not how the real world works. If I had the power to take people's voices away (for example) I wouldn't fill my house with posters of famous mimes and films of mimes and other mime paraphernalia. It's such a cliché for people with powers to live in places that match their powers. People with control of water to live in a place that is perpetually flooded and so on. If I had a power I'd put a stop to it. I'd say 'no! no more!' then I'd go back to my house and demonstrate that despite my ability to steal people's voices I have not plastered the place with mime mementoes. Then someone would point out that I have in fact plastered the place with silent movie posters and so on. But then I steal his voice and that shuts him up let me tell you. Anyway what was I talking about?
Oh right Eric Doyle. He's like a puppeteer you know. Well he was a total creep. Claire and her mother came to Meredith's rescue. I guess they were just lucky that the god of irony was shining over them that day and that once he'd taken control of their bodies he decided to play a game of russian roulette with them rather just throw them in the basement and get on with his perverse seduction of Meredith. After Claire comes back from the dead and knocks him out they call in HRG to collect him (I wonder how they actually keep Eric locked up in level 5. Unless the Haitian is in permanent residence can't he just take control of whoever comes to bring him food or something, have them unlock the door (or if they've thought of this and don't give the key to the person who delivers the food he could threaten to make commit suicide unless the door is unlocked)?). HRG has now apparently decided that he wants Meredith as his new partner despite her apparent uselessness in the whole Eric Doyle situation and it seems that Claire might finally be allowed to head out and fight evil. Possibly. If her mother comes with her as her new partner in justice then even better. Although I suppose her mother does have that other child to worry about. Lyle. He must feel a bit overlooked sometimes mustn't he? I'm thinking that the true main villain of the storyline is still waiting to be exposed. Sure the whole Arthur Petrelli thing is good but I'm not so sure he's who we should be watching. We should have our eyes firmly affixed on Lyle. He's getting seriously neglected and slowly the jealousy and resentment is building up and just as soon as he gets his hands on the magic power making formula he's going to get the most powerful power of all. The big Powernadoquake that Hiro saw in the future? That's Lyle, tearing the earth apart. It's attention seeking behaviour but you have to admit it's very effective attention seeking behaviour.

Okay that's it for ridiculous theories I promise. I'm going to be all serious and sensible now. Scout's honour.

Next up in terms of interestingness was Matt and Daphne's little encounter. I noticed how Matt still had his turtle with him. That turtle knows more than it's letting on you know. I think that the real villain has yet to make himself known. The real villain is obviously Matt's turtle. Angered about being locked in a cage and taken from his native country he endeavours to ruin Matt's life and once he's finally managed to manipulate events to that Daphne (Matt's future soulmate) gets killed by Future Sylar's nuclearness then he escapes from the cage prison and decides to destroy the world by turning into a Powernadoquake and splitting it in half.

Okay seriously. No more ridiculous theories. I proper promise this time. A proper promise with sugar on top!

Speaking of the Powernadoquake, this is a serious theory I've been having, I'm starting to think that it reminds me of that man from last week who could make rifts open up. I'm thinking that perhaps he might reappear (presuming that he actually opens portals rather than black holes he could still be alive). Especially since he was featured in the previously at the start of the episode. Anyway back to Matt and Daphne. You know what I like Matt and Daphne together and this last episode has convinced me that I like Daphne. I like her as a potential good guy. I am rather intrigued as to what this new company can be holding over her head, but I'm assuming that she probably accidentally murdered someone or something. You know she went to hit someone and suddenly she was going all fast. If you hit someone while moving at her speed you'd probably come out the other side. I'm all for her and Matt getting together, although in one of those future irony paradoxes it appears that the only reason that they'd be getting together is because Matt saw that he would be getting together with her (Daphne would have treated him the same as anyone else had he not known her name or any of that kind of thing, thus the relationship would not happen if Matt hadn't known that a relationship was going to happen.) Time travel is a cruel mistress and I kind of support Hiro's stance not to travel back into the past. It's confusing when you start doing that. And when you travel into the future as well.

Next up Mohinder. As I've previously mentioned I like his new power and I fully support him going evil and all serial killerish on people. I just wonder what he's keeping people alive for. I kind of hope that he's carrying on his experiments and trying to learn to take people's powers away or something. Even better I hope he's trying to learn how he can harvest them for himself. Nathan and Tracey come over to try and see about getting their powers removed. Well Tracey does Nathan might still want his powers and just be accompanying her. I'm not one hundred percent certain. Anyway Mohinder drugs them and takes them into his secret web room for whatever it is that he does. While I like Mohinder he lost a couple of points for forgetting that Tracey can freeze things she can touch. People who you tie to tables don't go "okay I'm tied to a table but lets hug it out". After seeing what Arthur Petrelli can do I'm unsure what's going to happen here. I think Mohinder might end up going to see him but then what I don't know. Arthur can take powers but is that one that he'd really want? I somehow doubt it.

Hiro and Ando travel off to Africa to capture Isaac Mk. 2 who is determined to teach them a lesson in patience. Then he consents to being delivered to Arthur. Arthur will of course take his powers from him... but ooh! I've had a brainwave. Arthur's power is the taking of powers right? So I've just figured out what Angela's power must really be. She has the power to not be in a coma. No actually that's stupid. That's bordering on the ridiculous theory category again. What was I saying oh yeah Ando and Hiro are going to take Isaac Mk. 2 off to see Arthur. This seems like a bit of a bad thing as well. I would imagine Arthur wouldn't have any qualms about stealing Hiro's power from him. Then Arthur is loose in time. He can steal powers off anyone he chooses. That's not good times.

Knox takes Adam Munroe off to see Arthur who promptly steals his power and evaporates Adam in a cloud of dust. SAD NOW! I don't like Arthur any more. Somehow I don't think even Adam/Claire's blood could bring Adam back from his premature (actually not premature, more like long overdue) end. And then finally Daphne, who visits a lot of people in this episode, visits Sylar who refuses to go back to evil. Yay for Sylar! I wasn't too keen on the whole Sylar turns good storyline at first but I really think I'm starting to like it now. Especially since the whole Peter goes bad storyline came along. He wakes Peter up so that they can team up and go and find out who did the paralysing thing on their mother. Peter reads her mind and gets an image of the new symbol. The Pinehearst symbol. Then they have a bit of an argument as to who gets to go and rescue their mother. Peter wins because he's got the most powers (Sylar lost almost all of his old powers from back before he had the virus) and is the most special. He puts Sylar in a coma and off he goes in a really awesome way. However it's not really a cheerful reunion for Arthur and his son. Especially after Arthur steals all of his powers. On the plus side it does kind of mean that now Peter doesn't have the insatiable hunger for powers. On the negative side it means that Arthur does. Which isn't a bad thing I suppose. He can just take powers by touching people. No debrainification is needed there. Even so I don't think things are going to end well. It's no wonder this volume of Heroes is called Villains. There's villains everywhere you go. Everyone's a villain at heart it seems. I have no idea what's going to happen next week but I'm very excited for it.

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