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Angel - Illyria

The Sunday That Time Forgot!

Posted on 2008.10.19 at 15:37
Current Mood:: sillysilly
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Sundays are tricky kind of days. They're lazy days where I get to lounge about all day. Okay I do that most other days as well but on a Sunday I can really put some effort into lounging about all day. However Sundays are also slightly frustrating as days go. There's no new program that I can watch and review. But on the other hand I rewatch Once More With Feeling. Which is fun. So as you can see Sundays are a day of contradictions. Especially since everyone is supposed to go to church and beg God not to kill us all for another week or something. Whatever it is that you're supposed to do when going to church. I've never had that experience and quite frankly I don't want to. Although I suppose it could be an interesting experience which I could review, thus giving me content for another day, I assume that they have a strict policy on lounging about (i.e. don't do it) and they wouldn't be very supportive of watching Buffy either. God aren't religious people lame? I'm going to set up my own religion, with lesbians, and hats, and tarantino and candles and cake! It'll be the best religion ever. Tatu can be the patron saints of lesbians, Indy can be the patron saint of hats, Tarantino can be the patron saint of himself, Trevor Lock (used to be on Russell Brand's radio show) can be the patron saint of candles and GLaDOS can be the patron saint of cakes. It'll be the best religion ever.

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