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Buffy - Dark Willow

Merlin 1x05 - Lancelot - Review

Posted on 2008.10.18 at 23:24
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I liked this episode there's just one thing that bothered me. It wasn't the whole cheating to get a foot in door thing, or Lancelot finds out Merlin is magic, or whatever. My problem is right at the start. Merlin is in the forest doing something non-specific then a big bird monster attacks him and okay he's too panicked to go 'i magic you to death stupid bird monster' so that's not the problem. Lancelot runs up, takes a couple of swipes at the big bird monster, none of which do any damage, and then the bird monster flies off. Fair enough, whatever. My problem is that that's all Merlin has seen of Lancelot's fighting skills, and you can't really call a couple of haphazard swipes skills, and yet he is convinced that Lancelot is one of the greatest swordsmen Camelot has ever seen. Jump to conclusions much?
Anyway he tries to get Lancelot a job as knight, he doesn't exactly succeed and instead claims that Lancelot is a nobleman to get past the petty rules that govern Camelot. He then fakes evidence to corroborate his story and then talks Lancelot into lying his way into the knights. No surprise he's exposed as a fraud pretty damn quick and thrown in prison. Just as the big bird monster that can't be defeated shows up. Fortunately for everyone in Camelot the bird monster is less interested in killing people than in squawking in their faces. A protracted fight sequence occurs (this could have been a dream I had) where for several minutes the bird squawks in Arthur's face and he sort of flaps about unable to figure out what to do. Afterwards it becomes apparent that the bird is a magic bird that makes people think that people who fight it are actually better at fighting than they are. Okay that doesn't happen but it would explain things. The King thinks Arthur did great when he just floundered around and hit it once which did nothing and Merlin thinks that Lancelot was the best thing before sliced bread and he flailed ineffectually as well.
After this is really does become apparent that the bird is a magic bird and so Merlin practises his spells. Arthur proves he's a real person again by freeing Lancelot (I swear Arthur is only being a nice person to make me feel like an insensitive idiot for calling him a dick after the first episode). Merlin saves the day and Lancelot swears to keep his secret and then goes away. There was apparently a subplot with Gwen but I don't remember that so good.

Anyway it's a good episode all in all, the best moment was actually an offscreen moment when my nan asked me if Lancelot was the one who pulled the sword out of the lake. Then I started thinking about Lancelot being a medieval lake dredger, looking for the Loch Ness Monster or dead bodies or something. Anyway since that only happened to me I can't really include it in the review. So say goodbye to that story and politely erase it from your brain. I thought the best bit about this episode was the potential for later episodes. With the bird monster dead and Lancelot the one who supposedly killed it perhaps a reputation as a slayer of magical beings might start to grow. Then perhaps Camelot is getting attacked by some kind of pig creature or something and they need someone who can fight magical beings. They call in Lancelot who gets help off of Merlin. To quote Casablanca: "Play it again, sam." Oh no wait that's the wrong quote. And actually wasn't even said in Casablanca. I mean "This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

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