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Supernatural - Castiel

Supernatural 4x05 - Monster Movie - Review

Posted on 2008.10.17 at 14:33
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This episode was just brilliant. It's an inspired idea to do an episode of Supernatural in the style of an old monster movie and this episode is fantastic. It works so well. It starts with a completely different opening and everything is in black and white and it's thunder and lightninging down and they're off to Pennsylvania! The creepy music and everything. It's all just perfect. In some ways this episode reminds me of Buffy's Once More With Feeling. Not because of the songs because this episode clearly doesn't have songs, but because it subverts it's traditional formula and adapts to the style of a classic type of movie. More programs should do this. Although despite my best efforts I'm unable to come up with any other program and applicable old type of movie. Maybe for example Doctor Who could do an episode that is almost exactly like an old B-Movie and which doesn't use the regular Doctor Who titles and so on. That'd work. Anyway I feel like my initial point has been driven wayward. I was going to say they are similar because they mimic a type of movie and one of the main characters in each has recently returned from the grave. If a character has returned from the dead a movie style episode should be made mandatory. But that's kind of beside the point.
The point is that this was a brilliant and hilarious episode. The movie theme complete with classic movie monsters was great and provided an interesting angle (before the shapeshifter angle was revealed I was thinking the Trickster was back again). The shapeshifter was hilarious, ordering pizza and the like and the prop castle was fantastic. It was a really good and unique episode and it may well be going into my top favourite episodes the next time I make a list of them.

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