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Heroes - Future Sylar

The Powers of Arthur and Angela Petrelli and Charles Deveaux: A Theory

Posted on 2008.10.16 at 07:14
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The Theory:
Okay here's my theory of what Arthur and Angela's powers are. I'm thinking that they have the empathic mimicry and intuitive aptitude. I don't really have much evidence of this theory. It's just my way of arranging events into a manner that makes some semblance of sense. It's also important that in my theory Charles DeVeaux had an ability where he was able to interact with people despite time and distance and whatever through their dreams. And I say interact because I don't just mean have a chat with them. I mean if he had any other powers he could use them on people while in the dream with them and it would affect their real life body.

What This Explains:

  • Okay so thanks to his intuitive aptitude Arthur is able to have more than one power and thus dreamwalks over to Angela and uses one of his other powers to paralyse her.

  • Angela having multiple powers explains the electrical disturbances and other effects displayed when she was attacked by Maury.

  • Angela having a power that allows her to make people think things when touching them would make a hell of a lot of sense and would be possible if she had empathic mimicry.

  • Peter's dream in How To Stop An Exploding Man would be explained thanks to Charles' dreamwalking abilities.

And possibly more.

Either way I'm going to go and watch Pushing Daisies now. I should hopefully be back later with a review which is hopefully a little more in depth than my review of House yesterday.

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