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Buffy - Willow and Tara

Chuck 2x03 - Chuck Versus The Break-Up - Review

Posted on 2008.10.14 at 11:51
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You shouldn't really expect a long review of the latest episode of Chuck. Not that it wasn't good and didn't deserve a review because it quite clearly was good and did deserve a review. It's just that I've wrote an inordinate amount of reviews today. I was reviewing some science man and then the whole of the moon by the waterboys and then Heroes (which took absolutely ages by the way) and now Chuck. Tuesdays I should just switch my brain off and go back to sleep. I'd love it if brains came with a little switch you could flick and go to sleep. The only problem with that is how do you turn it back on? Now I feel kind of glad that we don't have brainswitches. Although it would have helped this morning when I woke up at five. My sleep schedule is all over the place at the moment. I was up all night the night before watching Bones then yesterday I had like five hours sleep on and off in the middle of the day and then I was tired and went to sleep at half eleven last night and now I'm all like 'urgh! I've woken up too early'. I feel like I've been awake since forever. And I'm hungry. But anyway aren't I supposed to be doing something? Oh right. I'm doing a review. Crikeyness!

So Bryce Larkin is back again. Throughout the episode I've been trying to make my mind up about him and I think in the end I have to agree with Chuck. "I hate Bryce Larkin." I didn't mind him the first time but I'm getting the impression that he's always going to show up and disrupt the flow of things just when Sarah and Chuck might finally be getting to some kind of a conclusion. A point at which in their relationship that there's some certainty over whether or not they are going to get together or not. Because lately I've found that I've grown bored of the uncertainties. I just want things to happen or not to happen. All this uncertainty is making me seasick. So Bryce is just another obstacle that will upon occasion walk over and fling itself into the path of a conclusion causing complete plot derailment. Or something. I think I've overdone it with this metaphor to a certain extent. I think this metaphor has had enough of me and is planning a revolution.
Anyway Chuck wants to be a real spy because there's someone else around who is a much cooler spy than he is and he worries that Sarah may be more interested in this other spy than him. Oh no wait that was the plot of last week's episode. I think. I'm not sure if Sarah was interested in that guy last week but I do remember the bit about Chuck not being happy and christ can I please use the name Chuck without thinking of Chuck from Pushing Daisies. It's even weirder now that I've actually learnt Sarah's last name is Walker (like Sarah Walker out of Brothers and Sisters) at least there isn't another TV program with a John Casey. He's still unique! Anyway the plot of this one felt very like the plot of the last one is what I'm saying. Actually I haven't got to the end of my feelings about Bryce Larkin yet. He is a nuisance and he does like to make a nuisance of himself but I do very much like the idea that he's going to be around every now and again to keep the intersect up to date. Just so long as he can do that without feeling the need to create uncertainty then I think we can all get along.

Oh and I know it was a joke line about recruiting Anna as a field agent but yes! that would be a brilliant move! I'd absolutely love it if Anna had to be part of the team for some reason. She doesn't have to find out about Chuck (although that would be awesome if she did) but just to have more of her in the show in any capacity would be great.

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