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Heroes - Adam Munroe

Heroes 3x05 - Angels and Monsters - Wildly Speculative Reactionary Post

Posted on 2008.10.14 at 08:40
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Wow. Now that was an episode and a half. Quite frankly I don't really know where to start with it all. How about Nathan, after all Nathan is the one giving the opening speech today. He's worried about whether he's doing the right thing or not and is being manipulated by the Ghost of Linderman Maury Parkman (but more on him later). He's seeing Linderman everywhere he goes and he talks to Tracey and together they uncover that most people weren't born superpowered but were in fact gifted their powers by Doctor Zimmerman and because of this he turns his back on his mother (who despite Arthur and Maury's sudden arrival I still don't trust). And that's one of the simpler storylines of tonight. Topped only by Peter's "I'm gonna eat your brain... Oh no I'm in a coma" storyline. I hope that Peter gets out and goes on some kind of insane killing spree. Because what this program needs is more villains. There's just Adam, Maury, Arthur, Knox, Daphne, Spiderhinder (or should that be Mospider or Mospinder?), Evil Hiro and apparently coming soon: Evil Matt. So yeah. More villains please. The Ghost of Linderman Past was talking to someone (probably Daphne) about how they'd recruited Nathan to their cause but I'm not 100% sure. I'm not certain whether Nathan has cleverly escaped their grasp by finding out about his true nature and going to see Mohinder, or whether that's precisely what they wanted him to do. With regards to Tracey Strauss it does appear that she's been earmarked for evil things however I'm still not so sure. Admittedly I don't currently have the best record for predicting the storyline of Heroes but I still think that the woman Angela saw was Barbara. Although I suppose with her current attitude towards her powers it wouldn't be too hard to manipulate her into seeing herself as a monster and then manipulate her into actually being a monster. And the evil guys do have Maury who is pretty good at the old manipulation. Okay I've changed my mind now. I've just talked myself around and I do think that Tracey Strauss is going to be evil. Just not Nathan.

Next up there is Mohinder in all his spidery glory. I'm loving this storyline for Mohinder, although I do kind of wish that nice things would happen for him rather than the slew of badness that's been headed his way. The only issue I have with Mohinder this week is actually an issue with Maya. During the last season I gave her the benefit of the doubt. She wasn't the best character but I let it slide. Partially because I wanted Sylar to kill her and become all powerful and partially because I thought she was getting a bit of a rough time. However after all that's she's been through instead of becoming a hero she's become an idiot. Here's a crazy thought: Your boyfriend has people imprisoned in his laboratory. He has them webbed up against a wall and he appears to be keeping them alive. He WILL do the same to you. Just use your damn powers and kill him. Not that I want Mohinder dead. I don't. I just want Maya to not be an idiot. Mohinder could have easily knocked her out while she was using her power or something, but holding back against Mohinder in a situation like that when you could have attempted to make a difference? I hope Mohinder killed her because otherwise I'll be having to lay the same kind of criticism at him next week when she wakes up on his wall and attempts to use her power on him.

Then there's the Claire/HRG/Sylar storyline. Claire wants to bring one of the level 5 escapees to justice so she picks one of the two that could actually do some damage to her as the one to go after. Stephen Canfield's power is good if a little ambiguous. Does he make black holes that crush everything that enters them to death or does he make portals that lead to an unspecified point in time and space? Personally I'm opting for the latter because that might mean that we see him again at some unspecified point in the future. Or the past. Or in another dimension or something. Who knows? Anyway Claire reckons that he's not really that bad and that the company is just a bit powerist (like racist but with powers). Then HRG and Sylar show up and Stephen is seriously not happy with this state of affairs. He puts a black hole vortex in the middle of the room and off he goes. I guess at this point I was convinced that the vortex would lead through to some other place or time, rather than just obliterate all matter that enters. Which is why I was cheering the vortex on urging it to claim both Claire and Sylar (can you imagine Claire and Sylar stuck in the past? Unable to die they'd live on until the present day (like Adam Munroe) and like Adam Munroe I could just imagine Claire turning to the evil side because of it). Anyway HRG and Claire track down Stephen who is crying on a carousel because his family, who have believed that he was a murderer for years, don't want to see him. Smart family. Anyway HRG wants Sylar dead and wastes no time in asking Stephen to make it happen. Sylar is obviously hearing all of this (yay for Dale's enhanced hearing! And double yay for the writer's not forgetting that Sylar had Dale's enhanced hearing!) and attempts to turn Claire against her father. Claire isn't so easily turned, although Sylar does have something of a point. Then Claire finds out that Meredith has gone missing. Cut to Meredith enjoying a lovely meal with Eric Doyle. The man who has the power to control others. (He's like Eden except he isn't anywhere near as attractive as she was.) Isn't it weird that his house is full of puppets. That's like if I had the power to control time and my house was full of clocks as if to show off that fact. Anyway artistic licence aside that looks like an interesting predicament for Meredith and not really a situation that Claire should be going into on her own.

Now the best development of the night was with Hiro and Ando and Adam Munroe. Adam cleverly made his getaway from Hiro with the aid of a disgruntled barman. Ando trying to make an unconscious Hiro stop time was the best moment of the episode. Unfortunately one of the most heart-stopping moments of the episode was when Hiro stabbed Ando. Please say that Hiro stopped time, replaced the sword with a prop sword and placed fake blood in Ando's jacket. They're the best of friends. I know evil people have to be stopped and all that but Hiro and Ando are the best of friends. You can't kill your best friend even if there is evil to be stopped. Although I'm figuring that Ando will probably be okay (although he might end up resembling a spider if Mohinder is anything to go by) I'm still distraught by it all. The future is all beginning to make sense now. Well not the Powernadoquake but the rest of the future. It no longer appears to be some kind of ironic future paradox.

Anyway this review/wildly speculative reactionary post appears to have been going on for quite some time now and to be honest I want to watch Chuck although I still have to speculate wildly about Angela's dream and Arthur's power. I figure I might do like a followup or something. Or better yet not bother. I honestly have no idea what's going to happen with Angela and Arthur and right now I don't trust either of them. They're probably having a race to see who can destroy the world first or something. Who knows?


(Anonymous) at 2008-10-14 20:44 (UTC) (Link)


Good point about the third of the identical triplets – I had nearly forgotten about Barbara and Angela's dream, and I'm quite curious as to what her power may be. As for Canfield, I was also secretly hoping that the vorteces were not so much black holes or portals to other places or times. It seems so harsh to force an attachment to him only to have him crushed by gravitational pull. Maybe he'll be back...

I will have to disagree on one crucial point – which I will continue to argue for until it is proved to me by future episodes – that Sylar has been stripped of his secondary powers despite being "cured" of the Shanti virus. I have not seen present-day Sylar use any other of the other powers he had access to in Season One aside from telekinesis, which seems to have saddled alongside his intuitive ability as a "hardwired" power – they confirm it in Season One when the Company scientists couldn't trigger any other abilities. Where is the ice power? Or nuclear powers? (Bear in mind, present-day, not future Sylar, who could have picked it up somewhere else along the line) And as far as Dale's hearing abilities, his confused expressions at the car seemed more to me that he was reading lips as opposed have full audio – notice how they never did that "enhanced hearing" effect like when he was eavesdropping on Peter, Claire, and Ted in Season one?

Lastly, Eric Doyle's character seems to have a different ability from Eden altogether in the fact that he does not control the mind, or plant hypnotic suggestions as she did – but instead he controls the body independent of the mind. Thus the puppetmaster analogy with all his puppets.

And what the hell is Arthur's power to have Maury quaking in his booties?
cube_166 at 2008-10-14 21:28 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Hmmmm

You make a good case for all of Sylar's powers being gone. It's been a while since I saw the first series so I'm not 100% on what the enhanced hearing effect was. There appeared to be some kind of weird sound effects during that scene but on a second viewing it appears I mistook the background music for weird power-suggesting sound effects.
By the way if Sylar has lost all his old powers I worry for that artist that Matt's been hanging around with. He had the whole painting the future thing going for him in the future.

I have no idea what Arthur's power is. I'm thinking it may have something to do with dreams though because he appears to have paralysed Angela in her future dream and well Maury was stuck in his worst nightmare. I'm thinking maybe Arthur facilitated his escape and then threatened to lock him back in there if he didn't cooperate. Dunno, just a thought.
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