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Tatu 16

You know how it feels to reach too high... too far... too soon... You saw the Random Review!

Posted on 2008.10.14 at 05:58
Current Mood:: dorkydorky
Current Music:: The Waterboys - The Whole of the Moon
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Actually I'm not sure how much of a random review I'm going to end up doing now. I was rather enthusiastic when I started typing the title but now I've been swept up in the song and I think I might want to actually just sing that instead of actually reviewing anything. Which is unfortunate because me sitting at my computer singing doesn't produce nearly as much livejournal content as you would imagine. So I'm going to force myself to stop singing and I'm going to randomly review Jeffrey Ullman.

Well to briefly summarise his wikipedia article: He saw a textbook, I could hold in my hands. He had flash-drives and I had a LAN. He wrote about computers for years, while I just stayed in my room. He won the Knuth Prize. I wrote a random review! A random review!

Okay okay so that's probably enough singing The Whole of the Moon by The Waterboys now isn't it? I should really get on with the random review. So the first thing I want to know about our review topic this week is what do the lyrics actually mean? The singer pictured rainbows and had flashes and wandered out in the world for years (while I just stayed in my room) but what does it all mean and how does it relate to the whole of the moon. And what's so special about the whole of the moon anyway? I can see the whole of the moon anytime I like. It rather makes you wonder where the singer of the song was looking for the whole of the moon. If he was looking in puddles and people's discarded fridges. Which by the way don't look in discarded fridges. I've started watching this program called Bones and it's about a forensic scientist who solves crimes with her FBI partner, Angel, off of Buffy and Angel. It's awesome enough for those reasons but what's really great is that Bones reminds me of Chloe off of 24. And Chloe is great as well so you know... it's a win win. Anyway why am I writing a random review of Bones? I am exempt from writing random reviews about things that I know about and have opinions on. That's what regular normal reviews are for. So how about I review Jeffrey Ullman eh?

It seems that this Jeffrey Ullman is something of a squint (hey look I'm referencing Bones! How awesome am I?) and he likes computers and things way too much. I like computers but I'm not going to start writing and compiling textbooks about them. After he did that, or at least later in the article than the information that he did that, he became a bachelor of science. That's a term I haven't researched in the least but I imagine it would be like one of those holy vows that priests take where they dedicate themselves to a life of searching for spiritual harmony and nirvana (the state of inner peace not the band) when they should be out there having wild sexual encounters with attractive women and listening to nirvana (the band not the state of inner peace). Well I imagine it's something like that only with computers which is somewhat missing the point of computers. Everyone knows that the real reason computers were created was to provide a easy way to distribute pornography all over the planet and a way in which the resolution of pornography could be increased to superrealistic quality. So in summary: He eschewed pornography, did not hold anything in his hands. He disapproved of flashers, because he had a plan. He wrote boring textbooks for years, while the rest of the world just stayed in our rooms. He was a cretin. I wrote a random review! A random review!

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