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Buffy - Willow and Tara

Dexter 3x03 - The Lion Sleeps Tonight - Review

Posted on 2008.10.13 at 19:25
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An intriguing episode. I'm not sure how the relationship between Miguel Prado and Dexter is going to develop but it seems to me if there's anyone who he could tell his dark secrets to, it's Miguel Prado. Prado doesn't seem to mind that Dexter killed Freebo and seems to in fact like him more because of it. Okay so liking someone because you think that they've killed the person who killed your brother and they did in self defence is different from liking someone who hunts down and kills murderers practically all the time. Although personally I think that Prado wouldn't mind that either. Dexter does after all only hunt down and kill murderers, most of the time, and as long as justice is being done I don't think Prado much cares about how that justice is being done. The one thing I think he should be wary of is Prado's dead brother. The revelation that Dexter was his killer is probably the one thing that could stop Prado from wanting to be Dexter's Bestest Friend Forever.

In other news there's another murder much like that of Teegan. Which is interesting. Not that there was another murder, thus exonerating Freebo. That's not really super interesting. I'm more interested in why these murders are connected to people who knew Freebo. It seems like a major coincidence that someone would start killing people who know Freebo just as Dexter starts hunting Freebo. This has led me to the conclusion that Miguel Prado, or possibly his brother, is the one who has been killing them, in a vendetta against the man who they believed killed their brother. I know there isn't really any evidence for this but it seems to much a coincidence that this started when Dexter killed Oscar Prado and the victims are both people who knew Freebo. Plus Miguel Prado on the night he was paying a visit to Freebo I doubt he was there for hugs and puppies. I think he's probably a more experienced killer than he's letting on and I'm keen to find out what will happen when he finds out that it was Dexter who killed Oscar (although personally I think he'll go after Debs to even the score).

You know what, these reviews seem to be less reviewlike and more wild speculation like every week. The next one I do I'm going to scrap the pretense of being a review and just be a wildly speculative reactionary post. In the spirit of making this a proper review I now will give the episode a score out of 10. I give it the score of 8 out of 10. There was plenty of intrigue between Prado and Dexter. Deb was doing something with that informant and Dex finally seems like he's preparing to become a father. Oh and the best moment was Dexter putting up the poster of Teegan and waiting for Debs to spot it. Lucky break or what?

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